What Should We Pay Attention To When Exercising At Home And Outside During Coronavirus Days?

What Should We Pay Attention To When Exercising At Home And Outside During Coronavirus Days?
What Should We Pay Attention To When Exercising At Home And Outside During Coronavirus Days?

We left behind an article with pandemic measures. With the arrival of autumn, the time we spent at home started to increase. So what can we do to avoid being inactive during the winter?

Stating that the golden rule of orthopedics is "Movement equals life", Fulya Foot Surgery Center Founder Foot and Ankle Surgeon Op. Dr. Selim Muğrabi emphasized that no matter what age we are, we absolutely need a certain amount of daily activity to maintain our bone and muscle quality. Kiss. Dr. Based on this rule, Selim Muğrabi; In this period when we experienced a coronavirus epidemic, he explained what we should pay attention to while doing sports.

Here are the "10 new normals of sports at home and outside", which we did not even think of in the past, but we should pay particular attention to with the coronavirus ...

1- Make a daily walk a habit: Make daily walks your routine. You can find a walking track that complies with social distance rules and walk with a mask. Make sure that your children and elderly family members accompany your walks to prevent them from gaining excess weight and decreasing their muscle strength. In order for people over the age of 65 to experience balance problems and avoid falling problems, prefer walking tracks with flat ground.

2- Disinfect sports equipment in parks before using: In appropriate weather, you can use the sports equipment in the parks for sports, but on condition that you comply with the hygiene rules! Before using these sports equipment, clean them with a simple alcohol wipe. Because we sweat during sports and our sweat can drip on that tool. This creates a suitable environment for the risk of virus infection.

3- Do alternative sports activities at home: If you do not have space to walk or if the weather conditions do not allow, an activity of approximately 20-30 minutes a day with a simple exercise bike at home will be enough for you. In order to energize your elderly family members as much as possible at home, you can create a private walking track between rooms in your home.

4- Make sure you are ready to play sports: If you have a mild cough, feel malaise, or have a symptom of a disease, that day is not the right day to exercise. Please wait for a day when you feel better to exercise.

5- Make an effort below your normal activity: While doing sports, spend an effort below your normal activity. For example, if you were walking 5 km every day in the pre-pandemic period, now limit your walking to 3 km. Because, although exercise in the judgment increases immunity, your immunity decreases to a certain extent when you overdo it during exercise. Therefore, the amount of sport is very important. Keep this rule in mind.

6- Do not lose yourself during sports: This is a very important point. Many sports injuries are caused by not controlling yourself with the excitement of sports and doing aggressive sports movements.

7- Use your own belongings when you go to the gym: If you go to the gym for sports or do sports in a closed environment, be careful to use only your own belongings. Keep your belongings such as towels and spare t-shirts in your sports bag.

8- Take your after-workout shower at home: Do not use the shared shower areas in the halls after exercise. Because the waiting areas next to the showers are not very large in the halls and the possibility of people leaving the shower without a mask at that time, there may be a social distance problem, especially during drying and dressing, which puts you at risk. So expect to go home to shower after exercise.

9- Take vitamin and mineral support: Whatever sport you do, pay attention to vitamin and mineral supplements in order to protect your health, increase your stamina and get maximum benefit from sports. In particular, keep in mind that almost 80 percent of orthopedic injuries are caused by vitamin D deficiency, and this vitamin is used in the treatment of many ailments.

10- Do not let go of the measure: The most important thing in this process is to continue the measures you take. Get used to living with this virus and never let go. The more you pay attention to social distance rules, the more you encourage people around you to be more careful.

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