What Are The Scientific Facts On The Pandemic

What Are The Scientific Facts On The Pandemic
What Are The Scientific Facts On The Pandemic

World-renowned experts meet at the Sabri Ülker Foundation Nutrition and Health Communication Conference on November 18 for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sabri Ülker Foundation, which aims to base scientific knowledge in the fields of health and nutrition, will also host an international conference in the 4th year of the Nutrition and Health Communication Program. On the first day of the Digital Nutrition and Health Communication Conference, nutrition during the pandemic period will be discussed, and on the second day, world-renowned scientists will share current status and solution suggestions on media literacy in the fight against information pollution.

food society, nutritional and scientific information on health issues, the main order to be taken projects conducted by Sabri Ulker Foundation, pandemic period, nutrition, wellness and media literacy issues in Turkey's first international meeting hosted yapıyor.17-18 in the field on the first day of the digital conference will be held in November experts will share the most up-to-date information on nutrition during the COVID-19 period.

Media literacy will be discussed in every aspect in the pandemic

On the second day of the conference, international names on media literacy, which played an important role in reaching the right information based on dozens of news in the media on nutrition and healthy life during the pandemic period, will share their solutions.

The conference was attended by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Department of Health Communications Professor K. Vish Viswanath, Aarhus University MAPP Research Center Director Professor Klaus Grunert, British Nutrition Foundation (British Nutrition Foundation) Education Department Executive Director Roy Ballam, Üsküdar University Faculty of Human and Social Sciences Dean and Senior Fellow of the Oxford University CRIC Center Prof. Dr. Sea Country Arıboğan World Newspaper Chairman Hakan Güldağ, Science Media Center (Blum Media Center) Senior Media Specialist Fiona Lethbridge, Communication and Founder of the Institute of Business Science ABSTRACT An FAO Turkey's Deputy Representative Dr. Ayşegül Selışık and FAO supporter Nutrition and Diet Expert Dilara Koçak will attend as speakers.

World-renowned experts who have a say in their field will tell

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, Health Communication Department Professor K. Vish Viswanath, who will share his views on media literacy with the participants, is a person who works especially on communication, poverty and health inequalities. Viswanath, who was awarded the 'Outstanding Health Communication Researcher Award' by the International Communication Association in 2010 for her research on health communications, is also one of the authors of the book 'Mass Media, Social Control, and Social Change', which explores the role of mass media in controlling society.

Professor Klaus Grunert, Director of Aarhus University's MAPP Research Center, who has researches in areas such as consumer behavior, food choice and healthy nutrition, in his book titled 'Consumer Trends and New Product Opportunities in the Food Sector' emphasizes that he prefers products.

Roy Ballam, Managing Director of the British Nutrition Foundation's Education Department, also runs the foundation's education program on food. Ballam, 'Where next for food education?' Drawing attention to the deficiencies in proper nutrition in schools, he argues that the curriculum should include more courses on nutrition and food for children's health.

Dean of Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Oxford University CRIC Center Senior Member Prof. Dr. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan is a name that focuses his studies on political psychology. Prof. Arıboğan states that information pollution misleads the public not only in the field of public health, but also in the field of economy and politics. Emphasizing that the content that is used in the wrong context and manipulated can lead to transformations in the society that are sometimes very difficult to return, Prof. Arıboğan explains that sometimes innocent 'false information' can grow like an avalanche in the age of social media.

Located in the program, Dr. Assistant FAO Representative in Turkey Ayşegül Selışık and FAO supporter Nutrition and Diet Expert Dilara Koçak sohbetOn the other hand, recent developments will be discussed on the realities of agriculture and nutrition today.

How nutrition should be during COVID-19, experts answer

In the conference, where the issue of media literacy will be discussed in depth, how nutrition should be in the pandemic will be discussed in the sessions on the first day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, key issues such as the immune system, chronic diseases, emotional hunger, popular diets, food literacy and misconceptions will be evaluated by experts in the light of recent developments.

Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine and Director of Vaccine Institute Prof. Dr. Serhat Ünal, Hohenheim University Department of Biological Chemistry and Nutrition and Food Safety Center Head Prof. Dr. Hans Konrad Biesalski, Sabri Ülker Foundation Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Prof. Julian D. Stowell, Vice Rector of Istinye University and Faculty Member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Prof. Dr. H. Tanju Besler, Turkey Diabetes Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Temel Yılmaz, Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. İrfan Erol, Dietician Selahattin Dönmez and Dietician Berrin Yiğit will explain with examples how nutrition should be in the pandemic.

Registration for the event https://nutritionconference.sabriulkerfoundation.org/ can be performed free of charge on the website.

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