Turnkey delivery has started within the scope of the second phase in Uzundere

Turnkey delivery has started within the scope of the second stage of the Uzundromat
Turnkey delivery has started within the scope of the second stage of the Uzundromat

Continuing its urban transformation works without interruption with the principles of 100 percent consensus and on-site transformation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to hand over 436 residences and 40 workplaces that it has completed within the scope of the second phase in Uzundere. Emphasizing that the fact of the earthquake reminded once again the importance of urban transformation, the President Tunç Soyerwished the owners of the rights who received their keys a happy life in their new home.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its urban transformation works with an understanding based on the fair sharing of the value produced in the city, started to hand over the residences and workplaces constructed within the scope of the second phase in Uzundere to their rightful owners. In 2018, the owners of 67 houses and 436 workplaces, whose construction started in a construction area of ​​40 thousand square meters, take their deeds and keys in return for the contract they signed with the Metropolitan Municipality.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Uzundere had completed the construction of 308 residences and 33 workplaces within the scope of the first phase and handed them over to their rightful owners. Metropolitan continues its preparations for construction in other stages in Uzundere where a compromise is reached.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor wishing happiness to all citizens who received their keys in their new homes and workplaces. Tunç Soyer“The earthquake we experienced on October 30 reminded us once again the importance of urban transformation. As the local government, we have to ensure that each of our citizens lives in solid and safe housing as well as creating planned settlement areas. Expressing that the most successful urban transformation application in Turkey is carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Soyer said, “We are implementing a transformation in place with one hundred percent consensus, without leaving anyone out of the neighborhood where they live. The practices we have implemented in Uzundere and Ornekkoy so far have made our citizens trust us. Our compatriots know that their cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will not make them suffer. Now we have started the transformation in Ege Mahallesi. We aim to reach all the problematic residential areas of the city with a healthy urban infrastructure and safe housing by going public.

Thanks to the Metropolitan

In the second stage of Uzundere, the first family to receive their keys was İsmet and Münire Tunçel. Stating that they have lived in Uzundere for 28 years, İsmet Tunçel said: “We used to live here before in a slum. We built a two-story house with our own efforts. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality stepped in and started an urban transformation study in the region. In this way, we are moving to a new earthquake resistant building. We are very satisfied. We thank the Metropolitan Municipality very much ”.
Saying that their house is not lacking at all and that they like it very much, Münire Tunçel said, “We are very happy to receive our house. We had three apartments here. We gave the other two apartments to our two daughters. Thank you very much ”.

Repairs can be made without digging asphalt with the gallery system

With the infrastructure gallery system under construction in Uzundere Urban Transformation and Development Area, wastewater, drinking water, rain water, electricity and data lines will be collected in the underground gallery. Thus, in case of any malfunction, all the problems can be repaired by entering the gallery, without digging the asphalt and without deteriorating the pavements. With the infrastructure tunnel system, all necessary interventions will be made within the system, and the environment will not be disturbed and the traffic will not be disrupted. This model will be integrated into other urban transformation areas.

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