Turkish Workmanship Becomes a Brand in Europe and America with Sirena Marine

Turkish work became a brand in Europe and America with Sirena Marine
Turkish work became a brand in Europe and America with Sirena Marine

Turkey's global Sirena Marine boat manufacturer; With its hand workmanship, creativity and quality, it continues to be the choice of boat lovers in many countries from Europe to America during the pandemic process.

Sirena Marine is one of the most preferred brands of the new era, especially in America, with its boats produced with 150% domestic workmanship in an area of ​​100 thousand square meters in Bursa Orhangazi, as the demand for the boat is increasing day by day due to the opportunity to make the most hygienic and sheltered private holiday opportunity with the epidemic. as one continues to be the pride of Turkey.

With the increasing need for safe space due to the epidemic, there is a significant increase in boat demand all over the world. Customers who want to see all the facilities sought in a house on the boat it prefers brands that offer comfort and functionality together more. These developments are; Sirena Marine, which can make custom boat designs by preserving its main lines and which is a brand all over the world with its handcrafts, increases the interest in its boats day by day.

High added value with 100% Turkish craftsmanship in Orhangazi

Sirena Marine manufactures its three brands, the award-winning Euphoria and Azuree sailboats, as well as the Sirena Yachts, with its own know-how at its shipyard in Bursa Orhangazi. The company does not only sell the boats it produces domestically, but also exports them to all over the world. Sirena Marine, which continues its production by keeping all its precautions at the highest level in the controlled social life process, produces in an integrated ecosystem where it solves everything including furniture production in its facility in Orhangazi, where 800 people work, on an area of ​​150 thousand square meters. Thanks to this structure, its customers; offers quality boats with a wide range of options

Turkish craftsmanship became a brand in America with Sirena

And 100% of the jobs created by indigenous labor continued its investments in Turkey Sirena Marine makes a difference all over the world with personalization features that other manufacturers offer in its segment. Especially in the pandemic period, the personalization feature that is much more sought after is combined with Sirena Marine's character that offers luxury, performance, comfort and entertainment together, resulting in a unique masterpiece. Sirena Marine, which is one of the most preferred boat manufacturers especially in the American market, with its original, creative and quality workmanship, continues to turn the desire and appreciation of Turkish craftsmanship in the USA into a Turkish pride. By producing high value-added business model that targets the world from Turkey Turkey's economy it is inspiring to everyone as a good example.

Boat export from the Far East to Australia, all over the world

Sirena Marine, which is preferred by sea lovers in many different regions and countries of the world from Europe to America, from Japan to Sweden, from Dubai to Spain, has been involved in boat sales in Australia, New Zealand and Russia with the agreements it has signed in recent months. started. Sirena Marine, which managed to sell sailboats to Sweden in the previous year; It has also gained the trust of boat lovers in Scandinavian countries where the world's best quality boats are produced. Sirena Marine, which can export boats to countries such as Japan and Thailand in a market such as the Far East where the boat culture has not yet settled; It has also grown its targets in the American market, where it has become stronger recently.

250th in R&D 64, 1.000th among 628 exporters

Turkish labor in the world to prove Sirena Marine, innovative product experience has been gained, design and engineering knowledge with Turkey R & D 250 Survey took place in the 64th. Turkey than in accordance with the objective opened a global brand to the world the world's leading companies with business partners who Sirena Marine, playing a major role compared to exports in a short time the radical opponent of Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), made in 2019 'Top 1.000 according to the Exporters' Survey It ranked 628 in the general ranking and 6th in its sector.




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