There Is No Situation To Worry About School Buildings Due To Earthquake In İzmir

There is No Situation to Worry About Our Schools in Selçuk İzmir, Minister of National Education
There is No Situation to Worry About Our Schools in Selçuk İzmir, Minister of National Education

📩 02/11/2020 11:52

Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, stated that there is no cause for concern for the school buildings due to the earthquake in Izmir.

Ziya Selcuk, Bayraklı He wished God's mercy to those who died in the earthquake in Izmir and healing to the wounded, in a statement he made in the garden of the 100th Year Primary School of the Azerbaijan People's Republic in the district.

Stating that efforts are continuing to reach those under the rubble alive after the earthquake, Selçuk said:
“We have approximately 3 thousand students in our 600 schools in İzmir. We do not have any damage in the schools where 850 thousand students study in Izmir. There are slight damages on 850, but measures will be taken regarding this. In a short time like 139 minutes, it was possible to determine what the situation in our school, what kind of damage, and collect them in a pool. I can clearly state that there is nothing to worry about about our reads. "

Detection studies

Stating that the determination studies are continuing in schools throughout the province, Minister Selçuk continued as follows:
“Detailed analysis of all small-scale damages in our 139 schools, some cracks or some signs on the walls are being done, and all preparations for the necessary repair work have been completed. Thank God we did not have a problem with our schools in Izmir. Our provincial and district school crisis response teams and psychosocial support teams play an active role in this process, and our search and rescue team of 53 people also support search and rescue activities in the field. This process will continue. "

Psychological support

Noting that the education in schools was suspended for a week, Selçuk said, “Of course, this period may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. In this environment, our children, teachers and parents need psychosocial support. Our experts are ready and working to heal some mental problems that may occur in children after this shock. " said.

Noting that studies on play therapy and educational activities are continuing to eliminate the fear and anxiety experienced by children, Selçuk said:

“Our 250 guidance teachers and psychological counselors are constantly active in terms of psychosocial support. Today, we accompanied the work of our expert friends here. We tried to determine whether they had a need or not. Regarding the earthquake in Izmir, we saw that the evacuation of the buildings is very important. We owe a gratitude to all our school administrators and teachers because we were able to evacuate from our schools very quickly with their experience and knowledge, and we have taken care of this process without anyone's noses. Disaster education of our teachers is extremely important. We care about benefiting from the highest experience in the world in this regard. We especially focus on the school-based disaster education program. Last year, a team of our team on the subject in Japan received training, and the trainings continue to deliver this training package to all our teachers through trainers. "

"The education process of teachers continues"

Selçuk stated that 110 thousand teachers received training in this direction in the first place, then 140 thousand more teachers were trained, and this process is still continuing.

Emphasizing that their work as educators has just started, Selçuk said, “We have a lot to do with our psychosocial support teams and the education of our students. In this regard, very experienced, what we make in previous disasters, floods and earthquakes in Turkey, there experiences to transfer here and all of our children, our parents, our teachers provide psychosocial support that it needs our obligations. " found the assessment.

Stating that he has set up a crisis desk in Ankara and Izmir on this issue, Selçuk said, “We are here and we are working on taking all necessary measures. Let our citizens trust us, we will continue to work together with our esteemed governor in İzmir and with our administrators in the provincial and district organizations on how to carry out the work related to our schools more meticulously. These studies will continue afterwards. " used the expressions.

A journalist, a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) process on the 5th and 9th grades of Selcuk Upon being asked whether anything has changed about the school start date, "At the moment there is nothing in Turkey. Of course, there is a change in Izmir. In the meantime, we are watching the field, working with the Ministry of Health, the Scientific Committee, we are watching the world and the measures to be taken here, whatever the need, whatever the need is, that measure is taken. That way, not that way. Whatever the need is taken care of. " said.

Minister Ziya Selçuk later made observations in some schools in Izmir.

Selçuk, who participated in the detailed analysis studies that started after the general damage assessment in schools throughout the city, received information from the Construction and Real Estate Department teams affiliated to his Ministry.

Minister Selçuk explained that detailed analyzes of minor-scale damages, some cracks or signs on the walls were made in 139 schools, and that all preparations for the necessary repair work were completed.

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