The Efficiency of the Digitized Birgi Mefar Group Increases Rapidly Every Year

The productivity of the digitized mefar group is increasing rapidly every year
The productivity of the digitized mefar group is increasing rapidly every year

Turkey's oldest and largest sterile manufacturing services company Birgi Mefar Group, 11 years ago, the smart digital conversion for peak production management system is reaping the fruits of ProManage have opted in many areas

Turkey's oldest and largest sterile production services company in the Birgi Mefar Group's digital transformation process is continuing at two manufacturing facilities of the company since 2009. Birgi Mefar Group Information Technology Manager Seval Gündüz stated that they have rapidly increased their productivity with ongoing digitalization efforts and said that they are progressing with the significant improvements they achieve in management systems and company targets every year, and that the export potential has increased at the same rate as sales increase as a result of the efficiency achieved in production. Emphasizing that digitalization of operations contributes to workflows and performance, Gündüz stated that while there is a great increase in machine life, support systems have also improved. Birgi Mefar stated that they have provided these studies with high added value and increasingly every year for 300 years with Doruk, the technology company that digitizes more than 11 factories around the world, and the smart production management system ProManage.

Turkey's oldest and largest sterile manufacturing services (CMO) industry organization that Birgi Mefar Group since 2009; its two production plants is increasing rapidly with the efficiency of digitization work. Birgi Mefar Group Information Technology Manager Seval Gündüz, who said that they provide production services with approximately 800 employees in two production facilities in Istanbul Kurtköy and Samandıra, gave the following information about the digitalization activities of the company: “Empty ampoules and empty vials for use in pharmaceutical production in our Birgi facility in Samandıra While we are producing, we are producing pharmaceuticals in Mefar located in Kurtköy. Both our facility, not only in Turkey's geography close to the highest capacity and different forms stands out as a pioneer plant capable of manufacturing at the same time. In 2009, we started digitalization efforts at every point of our production, including starting, finishing, completing operations, operator, process, product, failure and follow-up in our production facilities. By following the working conditions of our production points with digital tools, we instantly monitored the controls of our conditions online and supported them with warnings. We are rapidly advancing in the digitalization process by using a large number of industrial equipment with artificial intelligence, augmented reality applications, radio frequency terminals, cameras, system integrations and a wide network structure. We aim to maintain our market leadership while growing stronger with new digital tools every year. "

The company, whose export potential increased at the same rate as all sales increased thanks to efficient production, managed to become the vaccine production center of Europe and nearby geography.

Saying that machine stops are constantly evaluated and scaled, Gündüz continued: “We think that no system that cannot be measured, monitored, and not transparent can be improved. Therefore, our preference in our digitalization process; Due to its experience in Turkish industry, its competence, experience, software staff, rapid changes and developments, success in the sector, references and adaptation to current technology, Doruk has become a technology company. Within the scope of our digitalization efforts, machine stops, operator performance and production of all units were instantly monitored online. Thus, a great contribution was made to our workflows and performance. Thanks to the system that was activated in our maintenance and repair processes, we achieved a great increase in machine life by making the right maintenance and repairs on time. We have progressed with a minimum of 5 percent improvements every year in all company management systems, as well as in our main and sub goals. We continue to progress with continuous improvement targets by following our production targets. We monitor the values ​​in all our management processes instantly under each heading, and we aim to make improvements every year that exceed the values ​​achieved in the previous year. Our focus is always to be able to sign quality processes at every step by using good and correct production techniques and to produce quality products. Today, we are in a position to use and apply all activities and techniques such as 5S, 6N, Lean Management and Kaizen required to achieve operational perfect results. As all our sales increased thanks to efficient production, our export potential increased at the same rate. We became the 2019th largest exporter company in the glass-packaging category at the 5 Champions of the Export Award Ceremony given by the Cement, Glass, Ceramic and Soil Products Exporters Association. At the same time, we have managed to become the vaccine production center of Europe and nearby geography. "

"Doruk is our partner with whom we plan to walk for many years in our digitalization journey"

Emphasizing that high quality standards, competent staff, technological development, growth potential and trust are the most important factors when choosing a solution partner in the digital transformation process, Seval Gündüz completed her words as follows: “A reliable, hardworking, flexible and fast business partner has a very important share in our development. We are increasing our power in the sector by cooperating with companies that work for the industry and work with advanced technology for our country. We have a very long digital transformation journey ahead of us and we want to continue walking with Doruk on this path. We will continue to work to always achieve the best for both our country, our industry and the future of all of us. "

Intelligent and digital production management ProManage and Doruk are the indispensable partner of industrialists in their future plans, preparing them for the competition of the future.

With the new world order, production efficiency is even more important in the health sector. kazanhe's eating. With ProManage, the only intelligent production management system in the world that is fully integrated with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IIoT, machine learning and image processing technologies, Doruk provides advanced technology to the pharmaceutical industry as well as many industries such as automotive, white goods, plastics, chemistry, food and packaging. offers solutions. Doruk, which continuously improves its systems in the light of the current needs and demands of manufacturers, technological developments and international trends, thanks to the addition of new features and functions to the system, the digital Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES-Manufacturing Execution System) of the enterprises. performs in accordance with the requirements of the age. The smart and digital production management system, ProManage, constantly shows the bottlenecks, weaknesses and points of improvement of the enterprises and informs the business with warning messages and different ways to improve these deficits. In addition to making instant production organizations with ProManage, the causes of speed drops, stoppages, malfunctions, waiting and quality losses that are not normally noticed in the enterprise become visible, and it is possible to take measures and eliminate problems by determining the root causes by making analyzes. With its products and solutions that enable the transition to paperless businesses, Doruk offers businesses the opportunity to find and eliminate their losses by performing production planning, production monitoring, production performance tracking, downtime analysis and loss analysis.

Investment cost returned in 2 months with Doruk's digital and smart production management system kazanlukewarm

With its systems that increase speed and efficiency in factories and production establishments, Doruk allows for the reduction of costs and a significant shortening of delivery times. Industrialists can take back their investment in this system approximately 2 months after they start using the digital and smart production management system ProManage. At the end of 2 months, a minimum of 10 percent, but generally up to 20 percent productivity increase is achieved. Considering the year, for example, for a business with an input cost of 1 million Euros per month, the cost of 10 million Euros in 10 months decreases to 8 million Euros and the business can save 2 million Euros per year. In summary, companies using Doruk's production management system ProManage make their production more efficient and agile, manage their costs and competitiveness by detecting and reducing their losses, and become leading companies in their field.

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