Some Roads Will Be Closed To Traffic In Istanbul For Formula 1 Promotional Film

Some roads will be closed to traffic in Istanbul for formula promotional film shooting
Some roads will be closed to traffic in Istanbul for formula promotional film shooting

A promotional film will be shot at various points in Istanbul on 1-9-10 November for the promotion of Formula 11 races to be held in Istanbul under the auspices of the Presidency.

The following routes will be temporarily closed to traffic on the specified dates and times.


EURASIA TUNNEL (12.50 - 13.35)

  • Samatya South Eurasia Tunnel is the first entry point, Eurasia Tunnel is closed towards Anatolia.
  • Entry to Namık Kemal South Eurasia Road
  • Avrasya emergency exit south reverse will not be given.
  • Eurasia Tunnel South Road Anatolian Side exit (It will be closed against vehicles that can enter the tunnel in reverse.)


  • Coast South Sirkeci direction
  • From Coast South Samatya variant, direction to Coast North Yedikule
  • Unkapanı direction from Yenikapı variant to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasa Street

BEŞİKTAŞ / ARNAVUTKÖY (14.45 - 17.30)


  • Muallim Naci Street and Kırbaç Street intersection will be closed.
  • Arnavutköy Kuruçeşme Street
  • Bebek Kuruçeşme Avenue
  • Bebek Arnavutkoy Street
  • Cevdetpaşa Avenue İnşirah Avenue intersection


  • Dere Boyu Street
  • Portokal Slope
  • Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Avenue
  • Ahmet Adnan Saygun Street
  • Kurucesme Cagri Sokak
  • Green Pinar Street
  • Arnavutkoy Stream Street
  • Bebek Hamam Street
  1. DAY 10 NOVEMBER 2020

KENNEDY STREET (08.30 - 11.45)


  • Avrasya Tunnel Final Exit will be closed before coming to Çattıkapı. The coast will be closed to Sirkeci direction.
  • The direction to Çattıkapı from Aksakal street will be closed.
  • The direction of Sahil Kennedy Caddesi from inside Gülhane is closed.
  • From Sirkeci Meydan to Sahil Kennedy Caddesi, the direction to Sarayburnu is closed.


  • The current will be recycled from Sahil Güney Kennedy Caddesi Çattıkapı U-turns to Sahil North.
  • The stream will be directed to Küçük Ayasofya Street from Aksakal Street.
  • Vehicles coming out of Gülhane and the military club will be directed into Gülhane
  • From Sirkeci Square, the current will be directed to Ankara Street and Hamidiye Junction to Galata Bridge and Ragıp Gümüşpala Unkapanı.

GALATA BRIDGE (08.30 - 11.45)


  • From Sarayburnu to the coast south Sirkeci direction is closed.
  • Ferryboat entrance and exit
  • Galata Bridge - Karaköy direction
  • Participation from Ankara Street to Sirkeci, Beach is closed to the north and south.
  • Cemil Birsel U-turn traffic will not be given to Galata Bridge and Sirkeci direction
  • Vehicles coming from the Galata Bridge and Eminönü bus stops from Ragıp Gümüşpala Street will be closed at the Cemil Birsel U-turn (Istanbul Commerce University Front Crossroad). Traffic will not be given to Galata Bridge and Sirkeci direction
  • No current will be given to Galata Bridge over Kemeraltı Street. (It will be directed to Tersane and Necatibey Avenue.)


  • At the intersection of Ankara Street and Hamidiye Street, the traffic will be turned back and directed back to the Çağaloğlu Governor's direction.
  • The current coming from Cemil Birsel Street will be directed to Ragıp Gümüşpala Avenue, Unkapanı, Atatürk Bridge, Atatürk Boulevard, Balat Coastal Road.
  • The vehicles coming from the Ragıp Gümüşpala Caddesi - Unkapanı direction will be directed again to the Ragıp Gümüşpala Unkapanı direction from the Cemil Birsel (junction in front of Istanbul Commerce University) U-turns.
  1. DAY 11 NOVEMBER 2020

15 JULY THE ŞEHİTLER BRIDGE (13.45 - 16.00)


  • South Zincirlikuyu junction (The current from the South O-1 Highway to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge will be completely cut off and directed to the Büyükdere - Balmumcu / Levent-Sarıyer junction.)
  • North Uzunçayır ramp closing point (Current will be given to Çamlıca connection road from Sabiha Gökçen junctions.)
  • Coming from Kuzey Çamlıca toll booths, closing point opposite Mimar Sinan Mosque (Akım Ataşehir will be given to the side road.)
  • North Ataşehir side road is the closing point in the direction of arrival from Çamlıca toll booths (The stream given to the side road will be directed to Ataşehir, Barbaros, Yeni Sahra junction.)
  • North TEM participation closure point (the flow from the O-4 north road will not be given to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and will be directed to Ünalan junctions.)

ÜSKÜDAR (13.45 - 16.00)


  • Join the D 100 north road over Kısıklı Avenue, Altunizade Bridge
  • Participation to the D 100 north road over Mahir İz Caddesi, Altunizade Bridge
  • Participation to the north from Beylerbeyi Abdullahağa Avenue, 15 July Martyrs' Bridge
  • Participation in the direction of the Northern Ring Road Rıdvan Dedeoğlu Viaduct from the West Ataşehir Kızıl Begonya street
  • Tophanelioğlu Caddesi D-100 north joining, tunnel entrance


  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
  • Eurasia Tunnel
  • Nuhkuyusu Avenue

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