Button Pedestrian Crossings are Made Contactless in Trabzon

Pedestrian crossings with buttons in trabzon are made contactless
Pedestrian crossings with buttons in trabzon are made contactless

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality makes pedestrian crossings with buttons in areas with heavy city traffic contactless. Individuals with special needs will be able to cross the street more safely with the contactless lighted and audible acoustic pedestrian buttons implemented within the scope of the study.

Within the scope of the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, pedestrian buttons are replaced with non-contact illuminated and audible acoustic buttons in order to ensure that pedestrians cross safely in places where traffic is heavy.


In the statement made by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality on the subject, “With our contactless light and sound acoustic pedestrian buttons, it is aimed to open the road to pedestrian traffic so that pedestrians do not wait for traffic while crossing the street. First of all, studies are carried out in hospitals and schools, and in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. The non-contact pedestrian button can detect the signal up to 10 cm distance without the need for a physical contact. In order for a button trigger signal to occur, pedestrians must keep their hands at the sensor detection distance for at least 1 second. The activated product is also given audio information for visually impaired pedestrians as "stop lit red, pass green". It makes acoustic sound both automatically and according to the ambient sound level. The word stop on the product is illuminated for pedestrians with hearing impairment. In this context, a non-contact light and sound acoustic pedestrian button works were carried out under the Trabzon Governorship, under Hagia Sophia, in front of the Central Bank, in front of Sarajevo Park, Beşirli coast in front of the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Beşirli Kancalar Site, Gülbahar Hatun Health Center, Fatih High School. It is said that new transformation works are planned in areas with high pedestrian circulation.


The citizen with special needs using the non-contact lighted and audible acoustic pedestrian crossings said, “It was a good work for the safety of pedestrians. God bless our Metropolitan Mayor. It is a very nice application. "Good luck to all of us."

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