PTT Cargo Inquiry: How to Perform PTT Cargo Tracking? Where is my PTT Cargo?

PTT Cargo Inquiry: How to Perform PTT Cargo Tracking? Where is my PTT Cargo?
PTT Cargo Inquiry: How to Perform PTT Cargo Tracking? Where is my PTT Cargo?

PTT, the giant company of the sector of journalism and cargo transportation, delivers it to everywhere on time with the energy it receives from its experience of centuries and its innovative service understanding. With PTT Cargo, which provides service with the slogan of "Everywhere on time", your cargo and couriers are picked up from their address and delivered to their recipients quickly and safely. It is possible to apply via internet and phone to send cargo / courier, and PTT Cargo 444 1 788 call center and is The shipment order is taken from the internet address.

With PTT Cargo, you can track your cargo over the internet. Delivery information is sent to the senders free of charge via text message (SMS) or e-mail. It is easy to make cargo payments from a PttBank account and from credit cards at PTT workplaces with POS devices.

Fast Delivery to Over 200 Points in the World and Easy Tracking

Meet PTT experience and assurance in your overseas shipments. Within the scope of TURPEX service, you can send documents, documents, souvenirs, international value-free and temporary export goods, as well as products and publications to be promoted in fairs and exhibitions, as a TURPEX post and send them abroad quickly and reliably. TURPEX your cargo with more than 200 points at an attractive price and just in time delivery advantages.

PTT Kargomat'sIt ensures that our customers can easily receive their shipments from these machines outside of working hours, by leaving the mailings that cannot be delivered at the address provided that the recipient's mobile phone information is received at the time of acceptance, or the shipments sent to Kargomat during acceptance at PTT workplace, to Kargomat closest to the address of the recipient serving 7/24.

Our customers can receive their shipments from the “PTT Kargomat 7/24” device specified in the SMS with a smart password to be sent to them via SMS.

Shipments that cannot be delivered to the recipient at their address or with the arrival of Kargomat address are safely stored in boxes of various sizes of steel construction.

The recipient's GSM number registered in the automation system is informed by SMS, along with the address information of the cabinet where the shipment is kept, and the smart password that will open the compartment in the device.

The box where the shipment is kept is opened by the buyer with the TR ID number and smart password entry. In addition, our customers can receive the delivery of their smartphones with IOS and Android operating systems by downloading the Kargomat 7/24 application and showing the QR code of the shipment left to the Kargomat device to the barcode reading section of the device without entering the smart password.

With PTT cargo, mail, letters, telegrams etc. sent not only from domestic but also from abroad. You can easily make your shipment. In addition to being an old and well-established institution, it has facilitated such services for citizens by following up-to-date technology and developments. Different alternatives have been developed for your 'PTT cargo tracking' transactions. The fact that PTT, which is one of the most preferred cargo companies today, uses technological developments within its own structure, has facilitated such inquiries.

How is PTT Cargo Inquiry Process?

You can inquire about the shipments you make with PTT cargo or the transportation information, dates and times of the shipments you are the recipient of. In this way, it is possible to find out all the information about whether your cargo is on the way, at which branch it is on the way, or at which stage it waits, whether the cargo is picked up by the buyer. Citizens often ask the question 'where is my cargo PTT' to be able to find out about the current status of their posts. There are several different ways to get an answer to this.

Receiving Cargo From Address

The service of receiving the mails to be sent to the mail from the address of the sender by the PTT is called the "Address Receiving Special Service". APS Courier, postal cargo, cargo, postal parcel, APG and Turpex shipments that are sent to 10 or more mails at a time and no contract fee is collected from the contracted customers.

With the postal cargo that individual customers will send from the city center distribution area to the mail, the cargoes are up to 50 kg in weight and up to 200 decile in volume; If it is within the district center distribution area, maximum 30 kg and 150 decile can be accepted from the address. The acceptance process is limited to the vehicles and facilities allocated to the service.

To Find Out Shipping Fee

If you are going to send a shipment using PTT Cargo, this in the link After selecting the cargo type, you can find out the fee you have to pay by filling in the required fields.

Online Shipping Inquiry

One of the methods you can use for 'cargo tracking PTT' transactions is the inquiries you will make over the internet. The inquiries you will make on PTT's own website are free of charge and allow you to get quick results in a very short time.

Here You can enter PTT's cargo query screen by clicking. Enter your barcode number in the blank box on the screen that opens and click the 'Search' button. If you want to track more than one shipment, you can query by typing the numbers in the empty box on the screen that opens, with 1 barcode number per line. You have the right to query by writing up to 5 barcode numbers at a time. It is important to make sure that you entered your barcode number in 13 digits and correctly. If you have made a shipment and want to know its current status, this barcode sent to you together with your invoice during the shipment process is used for querying.

How to Perform PTT Cargo Tracking on e-Government?

It is also possible to perform PTT follow-up operations through the e-Devlet gateway where we can carry out most of the public transactions. For this, you must first log into the e-Government system.

For PTT Registered Shipment Tracking here Click here. From here, cargo, notification, registered, notification, letter from abroad or domestically, parcels etc. It is possible to reach the records of all shipments and every stage from the shipment points to the recipient.

When you log in to the system, you may need to authenticate first. For this, you must enter your TR identity number and e-Government password. E-Government passwords are obtained from every PTT branch by applying for 4 TL.

On the page that opens after the authentication process, you need to enter your barcode number (postal tracking number) in the relevant space. This number is on your invoice or shipment. Then you need to write the characters you see in the security picture at the bottom into the relevant box. If you can not read the text in the security picture, you can click on the picture to have it renewed.

After entering all the information, clicking on the 'query' button will result in your transaction.

PTT Cargo Inquiry by Name

Citizens who lose or forget their barcode number often wonder how to question their cargo. One of the methods they can use for this is to use PTT Cargo live support line. If you do not know the barcode number for the query, you can call PTT Cargo Customer Services and use your name and surname information.

PTT Cargo Customer Service: 444 1 788

Follow the directions of the switchboard by calling the relevant number. Dial the phone number specified by the exchange regarding the shipment tracking process from your phone. In this way, during your meeting with the customer representative you are connected to, name, surname, address, TC, etc. With your information, you can have information about the current status of your cargo.

PTT Cargo Inquiry with TR ID Number

If you prefer to make your inquiries at the branch rather than online, you can make inquiries using your TC identity number.

Click on the link to find out where the nearest PTT center is Click here.

You need to enter your own address information by clicking on the 'nearest branch' field on the page that opens. Then the system will list the PTT centers closest to your address.

To track the shipment from PTT branches, you first need to get a sequence number with the option 'PTT cargo' inside. Then, you can learn the information about your cargo by giving the necessary information to the attendant at the box office where your row number is burned.

Similarly, cargo, letter, etc. in PTT branches. You can also ship the shipments.

PTT Cargo Advantages

  • Controlled delivery.
  • Delivery time information.
  • Insured shipment / valued shipping service.
  • Compensation in case of loss or damage.
  • Receiving from address, delivery to address.
  • Ordering by phone and internet.
  • Special discounts for bulk cargo / courier shipments, corporate customers and important days.
  • Free and paid custom made packaging.
  • Free notification via text message (SMS) or e-mail.
  • 444 1 788 Call Center and Cargo tracking at.
  • Payment from credit card in our workplaces with PttBank Account and POS device
  • Courier / APS Courier service charged and charged by the buyer.

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