New Corona Bans Announced in Izmir

New corona bans announced in Izmir
New corona bans announced in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added new measures to its current measures to prevent coronavirus cases that have been on the rise again in recent weeks. In this context, public culture, arts and sports events were suspended. It was decided that the cable car facilities, the Wildlife Park, all the restaurants and cafes operated by the Grand Plaza and the Vocational Factory courses will remain closed for a while.

a series over the announcement that Turkey is rapidly increasing in recent weeks, the number of cases in the ongoing coronavirus outbreak since March and Izmir Medical Chamber do that explain how to Izmir particularly out of control the epidemic after the earthquake were commissioned new measures. Within the scope of the measures implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, public culture, art and sports activities were suspended. Libraries Branch Directorate closed all libraries to physical access until a second decision. Theater plays, dance, film shows, concerts, opera performances, festival activities, educational choir and workshops, and exhibitions at the City Archives and Museums Branch Office have been suspended.

Courses, children and youth centers are closing

The course centers within the Vocational Factory, which operates under the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department, and the "FikrimİZ" and "Fablab" workshops also stopped their activities due to the epidemic. In this process, Fairy Tale Houses, Child Youth Centers, Historical Coal Gas Youth Campus, Örnekköy Youth Campus, women's counseling centers, disabled centers and Disabled Awareness Center will also close their doors.

Cafeteria services stopped

İzmir Wild Life Park cafeterias, Elevator Cafeteria and Restaurant, Teleferik cafeterias and meat house, Izmir Art Cafeteria, Disability Center and Örnekköy facilities where GRAND Plaza is operating will be suspended. Izmir History, Culture Tours and History and Photography Meetings will not be held during this period. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will not organize running and similar sports activities during the period of importance taken, and sports schools in all branches will be closed.

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