Ministry of Commerce Warning Against Credit Card Fraud

Warning from credit card fraud to the ministry of trade
Warning from credit card fraud to the ministry of trade

A warning came from the Ministry of Commerce regarding the refund of card fees, which concerns millions of people using credit cards very closely. In the statement of the Ministry; “Recently, by using the names or logos of our Ministry or other public institutions and organizations over some social media accounts,” The credit card dues refund transactions of the banks have started in reference to the pandemic period we have passed. Click on the link above to get your refund. " It has been determined that some shares have been made.

It is beneficial to provide the following information in order to prevent our consumers from being exposed to fraud and suffering from using credit card information.

With the Law No.6502 on the Protection of the Consumer, card issuing organizations are obliged to offer consumers a credit card that they do not charge under the annual membership fee or similar name. Based on the said law the relevant articles prepared by the Republic of Turkey Central Bank and 7, which entered into force in March "Communiqué Regarding the Principles and Procedures on remuneration to be received from the Financial Consumer" in "Bank and Credit Card Fees" article titled made the arrangements relating to, the card dues.

With the aforementioned article, it is stated that the institutions issuing cards, "They are obliged to offer a type of credit card for which they do not charge an annual membership fee to the use of consumers, it will be charged in an amount to be determined annually according to the characteristics of the credit cards, these fees collected from the cards can only be charged annually after the first use of the consumer debtor As long as this card is inactive, an annual membership fee cannot be charged from a credit card that has not been active for at least 180 days ”.

Pay attention to credit card fraud

According to this regulation, credit card fees can be charged from credit cards, and social media accounts claiming to be refunded using the names or logos of the Ministry or other public institutions and organizations should not be respected, and our citizens should be careful about such fraud.

In the event that no fee is charged for the card fees due to the commitment of shopping and any practices that may violate the provisions of the relevant legislation are encountered, it is necessary to apply to the card issuing institution first.

In case the dispute with the card issuer cannot be resolved, the 'Consumer Arbitration Committees' can be applied for the disputes under 10 thousand 390 liras under the relevant Law, and the 'Consumer Courts' can be applied for the disputes exceeding this amount.


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