Red Crescent Builds 3 Factories Instead of Inactive Wagon Factory

Kizilay factory builds instead of idle wagon factory
Kizilay factory builds instead of idle wagon factory

Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan visited the area where the construction of the Disaster Shelter Systems Factory and Tent and Textile Factory in Malatya is ongoing and received information from the authorities about the works. The process begins by converting discarded in Wagon Repairs Plant closely follows the situation President Gurkan, he said Turkey's Red Crescent made by the completion of the factory and the Middle East's largest center would be in Malatya.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan made investigations in the area which was transferred to Kızılay in order to regain the building which was previously built as a Wagon Repair Factory but could not be put into operation. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who inspected the infrastructure, superstructure and landscaping of the area made by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Kızılay Headquarters Supervisory Board Vice Chairman Umut Yalçın, Kızılay Sistem Yapı A.Ş Production Manager Mustafa Kaya, Red Crescent Malatya Branch President Soylu was accompanied by the Deputy Secretary General and Department Heads.

Ramazan Soylu, Head of Red Crescent Malatya Branch, talked about the latest situation in the construction of the factory areas during the visit. Noble, "We looked at along with Malatya pending for years and is considered as a big factory over the Turkish Red Crescent as both to Turkey and the Middle East's largest base has become the construction area of ​​our factory Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan. Our construction continues at a rapid pace. We have come to the point of finishing our construction by the end of the year. Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan was always with us in the construction of our construction, especially in the infrastructure and landscaping, and he made great contributions. He visited us almost every week and made a great contribution to the rapid progress of the construction. On behalf of myself and the Turkish Red Crescent, I thank them very much. I'm glad you are here, Mr. President, ”he said.

Kızılay Sistem Yapı A.Ş Production Manager Mustafa Kaya said that they received very serious support from the Metropolitan Municipality in the infrastructure of the factories and other similar roads and in transforming the field into a private industrial center. Kaya said, “As Kızılay Sistem Yapı, our investment studies for the production of light steel, prefabricated and container with a closed area of ​​37 m500 continue. Our floor concrete coatings are almost finished. Mechanical, electrical etc. Our infrastructure works are about to be completed. Our first machine setup has been started. Hopefully in January, we plan to complete our machine installations and start our factory's first activities. When we reach full capacity in this factory, we are planning to employ 2 blue-collar and more than 350 white-collar employees as Kızılay. As in our other fields, we receive serious support from our Metropolitan Municipality in all infrastructures around our factory. In this sense, we thank our Metropolitan Municipality ”.

Red Crescent has continued to build and short time in the factory will begin production activities, Malatya employment and will provide a major contribution to the economy of Malatya expressing Malatya Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, the center will undertake an important task at the point of production in Turkey, he said. Gürkan said, “We visited the site in order to see and examine the work done by the Red Crescent in the factory area. We have received information about the latest situation of our factory, where Kızılay Sistem Yapı will produce prefabricated houses, with a closed area of ​​approximately 37 thousand 500 m2. The factory, which will produce prefabricated houses, is a center where approximately 400 people will be employed. As it is known, we have three factories in the area, which is the Old Wagon Factory and was transferred to Kızılay. It will be a logistics center, system building center and textile center. Approximately 3 thousand people will be employed in the total of these 2 factories. With this employment, it will benefit Malatya economy and people of Malatya both at the point of production, at the point of development of by-products and at the point of employment. As is known, the old Wagon Factory was idle for 40 years. As a result of the initiatives we have made, the system construction, textile factory and logistics center, which we call dead investment and witnessed intensive work, will hopefully be operational soon. When the Red Crescent continue the work of the factory are completed, it will become not only the largest center in Turkey and the Middle East. Therefore, I would like to thank our Government, the President of the Red Crescent, our esteemed fellow countryman Kerem Kınık, our deputies, the Head of the Red Crescent Branch, and the General Board of Directors, who worked hard to bring such an investment to Malatya. Sistem Yapı A.Ş., which personally guides at every stage of this facility. I also thank the Production Manager Mustafa Kaya and his team. I hope the works will be auspicious for our Malatya and Malatya people ”.

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