Is TCDD Passenger and Freight Transport Privatized?

Is tcdd transport customized
Is tcdd transport customized

Speaking at the Plan and Budget Commission on the 2021 Budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, CHP İzmir Deputy Kamil Okyay Sındır told the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, 'TCDD A.Ş. Are passenger and freight transport services carried out by the public service by Privatization? He drew attention to the corruption and irregularities reflected in the TCA reports.


Sındır started his speech by criticizing the build-operate-transfer model and said, “The Ministry of Health has given up on public-private cooperation projects, but I see that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure does not give up. The Ministry of Transport says that by 2023, 2.242 projects with a length of 14 kilometers will be built with the build-operate-transfer model. Highway building is not a job that requires special qualifications. There are 5-6 pro-contractor companies, let's not know 10. If you enter the tender, these companies will participate, why not open tenders? With this build-operate-transfer model, why are investments missed from the control of the Public Procurement Authority and excluded from the Public Procurement Law? The government pays 14 billion 49 million from the Highways, 16 billion 392 million from the Ministry of Health, 540 million TL from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which means a total of 31 billion TL from the 2021 budget over the right of the unfinished orphans. "These are the prices that the unfilled orphan had to pay when he grew up."


Stating that things are not going well in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, there are big problems in the works with money and the quality of sustainable service is far away, Sındır said, “You can see the scrap corruption in TCDD in the TCA reports. A 14 percent quota limit has been imposed on people with disabilities on high-speed train lines, you cannot expect us to remain silent to this injustice. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, within the scope of the transit guarantee given to the Eurasia Tunnel, transferred a total payment of 2026 million lira to the accounting records as 963 million lira until 31,2, 25 million vehicles in the Eurasia Tunnel and not included in the accounting records In the audit report of the General Directorate, 568 million lira receivables were not collected from build-operate-transfer contractors for annuity relations, and many problems were included in the TCA reports. Again, according to the reports of the TCA, 25 cars, 96 minibuses, 8 computers, 207 laptops, 105 tablets, 165 mobile phones, 315 televisions, 34 printers, 129 projectors, 23 binding machines, 8 document shredders, 12 UPS and 6 cameras were bought by the contractor companies. If these can be obtained from the contractor company, what is given to the contractor companies in return, what has been given or what will be given? " said.


'TCDD A.Ş. Are passenger and freight transport services carried out as public services privatized?' Continuing his words by directing his question to Karaismailoğlu, Sındır said, “An information I got from the TCDD website says: 'TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ' public service obligation will end at the end of this year. The said service will be tendered by open tender method as of 2021, and the tender will be awarded. kazanwill be fulfilled by the railway train operator.' Do we understand this here? As of 2021, State Railways Transportation Inc., which fulfills this service as required by its public service obligation, will have to enter into a tender with the other 2 companies authorized by open tender procedure, and will this service be privatized? 'Is TCDD Transportation being privatised?' Please enlighten the public on this matter immediately, Mr. Minister.


Digital Conversion Index in Turkey so far not put forward a realistic manner calculated in Sındır said terminated said: "Among the selected countries in annual per capita electricity consumption in the infrastructure of the probe and 4th in Turkey. 'Kilobits per second, one of Turkey's performance in terms of the areas where the lowest international internet bandwidth per internet user. The value of Turkey 94 thousand 995 kb / s, 429 thousand 665 kb / s, which is much lower than the world average. We are in a poor position in infrastructure and especially in cybersecurity. In terms of fiber infrastructure length rates per capita calculated for cities, fiber infrastructure length is 3,1 meters per person in Istanbul, 4,3 meters in Ankara, and 4 meters in Izmir. Fiber infrastructure length per capita in a city like Stockholm is 770 meters. It is 200 times above our cities. You brag, but you are actually in a disgraceful situation. "

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