Comfort of Concrete Road Increases in Samsun

Concrete road comfort increases in Samsun
Concrete road comfort increases in Samsun

The concrete road, which was started to be built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in the Kadıgeriş and Kargılı districts of Tekkeköy district, has been completed.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues the city's various points made in the example of dry concrete and road works with many local governments in Turkey uninterrupted. In addition to the ongoing asphalt and surface coating activities by the teams affiliated to the Department of Science, concrete road works are also progressing uninterruptedly. Within the framework of the 'cooperation', which Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir attaches great importance to, with the protocols signed with the district municipalities, the neighborhood and group roads have high standards and comfortable transportation. Concrete road works in Kadıgeriş and Kargılı districts in Tekkeköy district were also completed and opened to the use of citizens within the scope of the work carried out.


Metropolitan Municipality is working with concrete examples of ways to express Turkey President Mustafa Demir, "There is strength in working with and understanding the problems we're giving a solution. In addition to the asphalt mobilization, we also carry out concrete road works depending on the terrain and climate conditions. With the works we started with our Tekkeköy Municipality, the construction of 500 meters of concrete road in Kadıgeriş District and one thousand 450 meters of concrete road in Kargılı District has been completed. We continue our work in 17 districts within a specific program. From now on, we will continue our activities in full coordination with our district municipalities to solve the problems of our neighborhoods ”.

Günceleme: 26/11/2020 14:20

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