Beylikova Mineral Exploration Will Cause 400 Thousand Trees Cut

Beylikova Mineral Exploration Will Cause 400 Thousand Trees Cut
Beylikova Mineral Exploration Will Cause 400 Thousand Trees Cut

As Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association (ESCEVDER), we are here to make our voice heard against the destruction of our forests and pastures in an area of ​​3.140 hectares covering Beylikova District Süleymaniye and Yalınlı Villages, Sivrihisar District Dumluca Villages, by a mining project that is completely contrary to law, science and public interest.

Cancellation of the EIA positive decision given for the Chrome Magnesite Quarry and Iron Nickel crushing and screening plant project to be established in a total area of ​​2019 hectares including Dumluca, Adahisar, Kızılcaören, Yalınlı, Süleymaniye and Karaçam districts of Beylikova, Mihallıççık and Sivrihisar districts in June 3.140,55 Our residents of Süleymaniye, Yalınlı and Dumluca Villages applied to the Administrative Court.

Within the scope of the trial, an expert examination was made in the region. As stated in this expert report, we have learned that the number of trees to be cut in the EIA area is 187.000, not 391.593 as stated in the EIA report, and the Pasture area within the project area is not shown in the EIA report.

The cutting of approximately 400 thousand trees is an environmental massacre that will radically change the vegetation cover and wildlife of the region and even affect the climate. Who will benefit from desertification of our country for the sake of selling the mineral ore from underground in its most economically worthless form to abroad?

We do not believe that this country has any interest in cutting 400 thousand trees. Mining can only be accepted for the benefit of the country as long as it is carried out by methods in accordance with scientific requirements and by considering the needs and interests of the people. Mining, which does not help meeting the needs of the people and is carried out by ignoring scientific requirements, is nothing but the pillage of the environment, which belongs to all of us and is our responsibility.
Yesterday in Kazdağları, Manisa Soma Yırca, Bursa Yenişehir Kirazlıyayla, today in Eskişehir… Nobody knows where it will be tomorrow. All over the country, the environment is being massacred. This is now the problem of all our citizens. We must show our sensitivity to this problem as a whole country.

Keeping silent to the cutting down of 400 thousand trees means to be a part of this massacre. We will not be a part of this massacre. This threat to the environment is also a threat to the agricultural lands, the Porsuk Creek, the above and underground water resources, the air that the local people breathe, and the livelihoods! As Eskişehir Environmental Protection and Development Association (ESCEVDER), we inform our public about this issue.

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