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In the human body; There are essential components such as fat, vitamins, minerals and proteins. While some of these basic ingredients have the property of being stored in the body, some cannot be stored. Vitamins and minerals that act as regulators in terms of their properties are divided into two main groups in terms of solubility in oil and water. Vitamins A, D, E and K can be fat-soluble and stored in the liver. Vitamins B and C can dissolve in water but cannot be stored. In case of deficiency of vitamins necessary for the continuation of vital functions, many ailments can be encountered. In order for the heart, kidney, liver and all other organs to function smoothly, vitamins must be taken at sufficient levels. In case of deficiency of vitamins and minerals, various diseases such as heart-related diseases, blood sugar, hair loss, kidney problems and gum problems can occur. In order for vitamins to be taken into the body regularly and adequately, attention should be paid to nutrition. Because the body cannot produce many of the vitamins on its own, if these vitamins are deficient nutritional supplements may be needed.

In cases where the body adopts a special diet or heavy sports training, the need for nutrients is much higher than in normal times. Nutritional supplements can be used to compensate for the insufficient part, to protect health, to accelerate nutrition and fitness and bodybuilding processes.

It is known that protein powder takes the first place among the basic nutritional supplements used by people who are below the daily protein intake level, especially those who are engaged in fitness and bodybuilding, or who want to strengthen their muscles. Due to the fact that some vital enzymes are activated, protein powder, which has benefits not only for fitness but also for daily life, plays an important role in the growth of muscles in the body thanks to the essential amino acids it contains. Different varieties of protein powders, which are nutritional supplements preferred by bodybuilders who do heavy training, before and after their training, are offered for sale at the most affordable prices at the Orange Case.

Orange CaseL Carnitine, which is among the wide product range of Turkey, has the ability to increase performance and is especially used by athletes and other individuals who want to increase their body muscle mass and reduce fat. L Carnitine, a fat burning product with proven effect, is known as an animal-based ingredient. Its deficiency is especially seen in people who adopt a vegan and vegetarian diet and must be supported with nutritional supplements. When faced with such situations, L Carnitine products produced specifically for vegans can be used. These products, called CLA, consist of fatty acids. CLA, which contains Omega 6 fatty acids, is not only an effective fat burner, but it is also recommended to be used as a supplement in cancer and tumor treatments, according to the results of recent scientific research. It also increases the insulin level, accelerating the fat burning process and supporting weight loss.

Amino acids are the basis of muscle development as well as the body's; It is also vitally important for key organs such as skin, heart and eyes. The minerals that people need in order to lead their lives in a healthy way, consist of substances with naturally occurring inorganic properties. In order for athletes to provide bone and muscle development to the extent they want, they need to fully meet the mineral needs of their bodies. People who cannot provide sufficient mineral intake with their daily meals can meet their mineral needs such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper and calcium by using nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements are produced by domestic and foreign brands for children as well as adults. Since each of the nutritional supplements offered in capsule, lozenge, drops, powder, tablet, syrup and oil forms have different effects and uses, they must be used in accordance with their instructions.

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Orange Kasa, which adopts the understanding of offering the best quality products to its customers at the most advantageous prices with its online store at; It provides a wide range of services from make-up products to mother and baby products, from male care products to sunscreen products. If you want to take advantage of the rich product range, reasonable prices and fast delivery advantages of the Orange Cashier, you can visit the online store at 7/24, hair care products, skin care products and many other products under many different categories, you can buy the ones you need by taking advantage of the most affordable price advantage and make your payments in seconds thanks to the brand's secure payment systems. Orange Kasa's Outlet Products category includes different products that may be needed in all areas of life. Products with near expiry date, stocked in excess or with minor damage to the box despite the product being intact are offered for sale with extra discounts.

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