The Main Responsible TCDD According to the Çorlu Train Accident Expert Report

The Main Responsible TCDD According to the Çorlu Train Accident Expert Report
The Main Responsible TCDD According to the Çorlu Train Accident Expert Report

According to the Expert Report of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Çorlu Train Accident KazanTCDD, which is the main responsible of the company, is laying the blame on the innocent employees!

Written statement from BTS is as follows; “On 08.07.2018 Uzunköprü-Halkalı In the case where 25 passengers lost their lives and 328 passengers were injured as a result of the passenger train traveling between Tekirdağ province Çorlu District Balabanlı Village Sarılar area; With the second expert report presented to the court; It has once again been clearly revealed that the TCDD General Directorate and its bureaucrats / managers are faulty in the first degree.

In every hearing that has been going on for more than 2 years and where the main responsible are not tried, without getting tired; TCDD executives should be tried, and the deputy of the Railway Maintenance Service Manager of the time, Mümin Karasu, who we said should be the key name and defendant of the case, was made the "consultant" of the general manager and given protection armor and tried to be abducted without trial. With this 2nd expert report; It was once again revealed that Mümin Karasu was flawed at the 1st degree in the disaster.

In the report of the expert committee of the case held at the 1st High Criminal Court of Çorlu, the responsibility of the TCDD managers was clearly revealed. From now on, TCDD managers should be brought to court.

In the expert report, which are the fault issues affecting the accident; Although the infrastructure was not renewed and the sub-units demanded personnel with the title of road guard, the leading managers who did not take the necessary precautions and gave approval to run passenger trains at a speed of 110 km / h in the region were the then Deputy Service Manager Mümin Karasu.

TCDD Admits That The Road Guard Is Necessary!

According to the internal correspondence of the TCDD 1st Regional Directorate, which has NO CONFIDENTIALITY, which appeared only 1 year ago; There is a need for 1 road watchers in the TCDD 67st Regional Directorate Region. And 15 of them kazanIt was understood that it was for the region of the directorate where there was a . In other words, by not hiring personnel despite the demands and cries of the workplaces, with these correspondences of the TCDD administration like a confession, kazanIt was understood by the reflection of these correspondences in the press that

The reflection of this document in the press was so great and effective that some time after the release of the document, the ministry and the TCDD administration, "panicked by the reflection of their crimes on the public," started to terrorize the personnel. An intense administrative attack was launched against the innocent personnel who were already tried and victimized in this case.

Regarding these documents published first on a television channel and subsequently by many press organizations, about the personnel; An investigation was initiated on the charge of “giving documents to the press”. Throughout the investigation, intense pressure was exerted on the personnel, with practices against all procedures, laws and the protection of personal data. Many things ranging from personnel's personal and corporate computers, flash drives and personal e-mails were seized and examined.

TCDD management and the ministry continued to scapegoat for themselves, even though they could not find any concrete evidence; They prepared a report with phrases such as "predicted, predicted, thought" that have no legal counterpart. Subsequently, they both imposed unjust punishments on these personnel, and they also put these personnel and their families financially victimized by suspending them for 2,5 months.

2. TCDD management upon the reflection of the defects and responsibilities revealed by the expert report to the press; by attacking rather than bringing the responsible bureaucrats to justice;

Members of our union and on trial as a defendant in the case Halkalı 14 Railway Maintenance Manager Turgut Kurt was sent to Sivas, bridge chief Çetin Yıldırım, who was tried as a defendant in the case, to Yozgat Şefaatli, and Bridge Engineer Tevfik Baran Önder, who was heard as a witness in the case, to Sivas.

It is an interesting coincidence that our union member Turgut Kurt said in the statement he gave in the second hearing of the Çorlu train accident case; “Stating that the road guard staff had been vacant for years, he said that he had written many times to fill this cadre, but that his writing was“ not welcome ”by the authorities. And this fact was acknowledged by the 2nd expert report!

TCDD management protects criminals, punishes innocent personnel by exile!

As we have said many times, exile; It is a crime against humanity and torture against people. With these exile decisions, people's lives are tampered with, their futures are darkened and their futures are stolen. This is also an attack on family integrity!

With these exile decisions, TCDD management once again demonstrated its aggressive attitude towards our union and our members, as in previous exile decisions.

The most obvious example of the logic of TCDD administration to protect the crime and criminals; kazanMümin Karasu, who was the Deputy Service Manager at the TCDD 1st Regional Directorate Railway Maintenance Service Directorate at the time of the accident and was responsible for the accident, was appointed as the TCDD General Manager Advisor after a while, although he was dismissed after the accident.

Political Staffing and Unworthy Appointments Caused Train Accidents!

As a result of the TCDD administration's appointments to places that require knowledge, knowledge and experience, leaving aside the criteria of merit, career, service, success and similar, it is obvious that the institution has reached today. In the accidents that occur due to the political staffing, the work is carried out by the administrators who are not competent and technically competent and who are directly appointed from IMM, especially after the local elections are in favor of the opposition party; Dozens of people die and the stoves go out.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the General Directorate of TCDD are required to give up biased, erroneous and unscientific practices as soon as possible, to immediately stop all personnel deportations that are a crime against humanity, to take the necessary precautions to prevent train accidents from happening again, and the expert reports and those responsible We invite you to do.

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