208 Firms Fined For Exorbitant Price Increase

The company that made an exorbitant price increase fined
The company that made an exorbitant price increase fined

📩 11/11/2020 12:43

Ministry of Commerce, has increased its field supervision on the recent complaints against the exorbitant price increase applications from citizens, in particular in food and basic consumer goods in Turkey.

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce, General Directorates of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance and Domestic Trade, and Provincial Directorates of Trade, inspections were carried out in 81 provinces in order to detect price increases that do not match the supply-demand balance in markets, marketplaces and wholesalers.

As a result of the inspections, products with higher than normal price increases are determined and their defenses are received from the companies that are examined by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board. An administrative fine of 10 thousand TL to 100 thousand TL is imposed on companies that are found to have made an unfair price increase, and from 50 thousand TL to 500 thousand TL for those engaged in stocking activities.

On the other hand, the Unfair Price Evaluation Board, which consists of representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Treasury and Finance, Industry and Technology, Agriculture and Forestry, TOBB and TESK, producers and consumer organizations and retail sector representatives under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, has been held a meeting.

In addition, about 33 companies in total were inspected in 1500 different provinces by the Provincial Directorates of Commerce and the Revenue Administration for unfair price increases, and the reports on these inspections were submitted to the General Directorate of Internal Trade, which runs the Unfair Price Evaluation Board Secretariat.

Since the establishment of the Unfair Price Evaluation Board on April 17, a total of 1625 applications have been submitted to the Board through the Provincial Directorates of Commerce, the Advertising Board, CİMER, E-State and the website of the Ministry.
At the beginning of the complaints submitted to the Board regarding the exorbitant price increase; vegetables and fruits, basic food products, surgical masks, hand disinfectants, etc. Applications for preventive health products, various cleaning and hygiene products have been received.

On the other hand, within the scope of the audits initiated by our Ministry in wholesale markets in order to determine the price increases in vegetables and fruits, companies that were found to have exorbitant differences between purchase and sale prices in their notifications to the State Registration System (HKS) were also asked to defend them.


Within the scope of both the complaints received and the examinations made by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board, 1861 files have been decided in the process up to now.

In this context, it has been decided to impose an administrative fine of 208 TL in total for 6.870.000 companies that were found to have made exorbitant price increases by the Board.

It is seen that of the implementations subject to administrative sanction, 166 are related to wholesale vegetables and fruits, 20 of them are related to basic food products and other products.

On the other hand, the examination and defense process of 788 applications continues.


On the other hand, as a result of the unfair increases in the prices of the products and the audits carried out by the Ad Board within the scope of the COVID-19 outbreak, a total of 303 million TL was imposed on 13,3 companies / individuals.
As of the first 2020 months of 8, 16 thousand 936 companies were inspected by the Ministry of Commerce Provincial Directorates within the scope of price tag regulations, and a fine of 2 million TL was imposed for 997 thousand 1,2 product labels whose violations were detected.

As the Ministry of Commerce, both ex officio complaints of our citizens as well as close monitoring of controls in order stockholding exorbitant price increases on all the action with Turkey will continue unabated and will not be given to such practice across the walkway.

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