Agricultural Support Will Reach 2021 Billion Liras in 23

Agricultural Support Will Reach 2021 Billion Liras in 23
Agricultural Support Will Reach 2021 Billion Liras in 23

📩 05/11/2020 15:32

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, Grand National Assembly of Turkey Ministry of Planning and Budget Commission, made the presentation of the 2021 budget year.

Turkey said they are working with the agriculture and have the power to move to a more powerful point in the forest area Pakdemirli, "for this purpose; We mobilized all our means for the development of our country, increasing the welfare of our nation, ensuring food security, ensuring productivity in production and abundance in profits for the future of our forests and the future of our water. In this context; We set the year 2021 as the breakthrough year of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in water and irrigation. " said.

Underlining that they did not have any problems with food during the pandemic process thanks to the measures they took, Pakdemirli said, “As the state, we mobilized all our means together with our nation to minimize the effects of this epidemic. In the last 18 years, we have not had any problems with food supply during the pandemic process with the measures and measures we have taken. Thanks to our manipulation of the retail chains, we thankfully did not see the market scenery abroad in our country. In this process, as the Ministry; We continued our monitoring in order to prevent price increases by controlling the stocks of products that will meet the food needs. We exempted our farmers and seasonal agricultural workers from the curfew. We made it possible for Farmer Registration System applications to be made via e-government. Fertilizer, seed, medicine, feed, etc. agricultural inputs; production, access and distribution continued uninterrupted.

We have extended the deadlines for Agricultural Supports. We paid 84% of the agricultural support, in other words 18,4 Billion Liras, to our farmers. Considering the agricultural calendar, we initiated the "Crop Production Development Project" in 24 provinces that are eligible for additional summer planting, with a 75% grant from seed. In cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we made the necessary arrangements in the "National Real Estate General Communiqué", ensuring that the idle treasury lands are used effectively in agricultural production. We announced our grain and fresh tea purchase prices before the harvest, in May. We increased the Raw Milk Premium Support up to 15 kuruş. We have made it mandatory to deliver the bread to the citizens in prepackaged or packaged packaging. We have postponed the principal loyalty amounts of Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, which will expire in April and May 2020, for 6 months without interest. We transferred the ethyl alcohol sales in sugar factories to the production of cologne and disinfectant. " He used his expressions.

Explaining that our agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector grew by an average of 17% in 14 of the last 2,8 years with the correct and rational policies applied and today, it has surpassed many European countries, Pakdemirli said, We completed 2018 with a growth of 2,1% and 2019 with a growth of 3,7%. It grew by an average of 2020% in the first six months with 2,6% in the first quarter of 4 and 3,5% in the second quarter. " said.


Pakdemirli stated that they increased the agricultural product from 2002 billion lira in 37 to 2019 billion lira in 277,5, and that they increased the agricultural product by 47% in total in the last two years. Pakdemirli stated that they provided a strong support to the country's economy by contributing 2018% to GDP in 5,8, 2019% in 6,4, 2020% in the first quarter of 2,8 and 2% in the second quarter.


"We are the leader in Europe and among the top ten in the world, with $ 2019 billion in agricultural GDP in 48,5." Sayen Pakdemirli said, “In 2019, we exported 193 kinds of agricultural products to 1.827 countries and realized an export of 18 billion dollars. Our foreign trade surplus is 5,3 Billion Dollars. While we have exported 2,5 Billion Dollars in the last 49 years, our foreign trade surplus has been 14 Billion Dollars. In the first 2020 months of 9, despite the pandemic, we exported 13,3 billion dollars of agricultural and food products, and we gave a foreign trade surplus of 3,6 billion dollars. Thus, our Agricultural Foreign Trade has increased 18 times in the last 5 years. " He spoke.


Pakdemirli stated that in the agricultural support practices of the 2020 production season, they increased the amount of unit support in some supports, especially fertilizer support, and put into use new supports in some areas.

“We continue to cover 50% of the diesel cost. We made the seed cotton premium support by 37,5%, with 1,1 Lira per kg. We increased the Oil Sunflower premium support from 40 Kurus to 50 Kurus per kg. For the first time, we initiated support for Dane Zeytine for a difference payment of 15 kurus per kg. We switched to the productivity-based model in calf support and started to apply the fertility conditions. In this way, an additional 2019 thousand calves were obtained with the existing animal assets in 250 and joined the herd. Within the scope of herd growth and renewal support; For the first time, we started to pay an additional 100 Lira to the female lambs, which were qualified as rootstock of the previous year. We included aquaculture in the scope of support for the first time in 2003. We have made 1 Billion 350 Million Lira support payments so far. "


Stating that they have achieved a record 18-fold increase in the amount of agricultural support in the last 12 years, Pakdemirli said, “We made a total grant support payment of 310 Billion Lira with real figures. We increased the amount of cash support provided to the agricultural sector every year. We increased the agricultural support amount, which was 2002 Billion Lira in 1,8, to 2020 Billion Lira in 12 with a 22-fold increase. As of October 2020, we have made a support payment of 18,4 billion Lira and our payments are still ongoing. We have achieved a tremendous increase in the support we provide with the Presidential Government System. We increased this figure to 2018 Billion Lira in 14,5 and to 2019 Billion Lira in 16,1 with additional allowance. In the last two years, we increased our support by 52% to 22 Billion Liras. From 2018 to October 2020, we paid a total of 50 Billion TL in support. In 2021, I hope we will support our producers with a total of 1 billion lira with an additional 23 billion lira. " Said.


Underlining that they have started to implement the 15-year plan and work that will shed light on 5 years with the "Agriculture Forest Council" they have carried out after 25 years, Pakdemirli said some of them are "Digital Agriculture Forestry" (DITAP), "Digital Agriculture Forestry Academy", "Preserve Food, Sofrana. He said that there are projects such as "Claim it", "E-Agriculture Portal" and "Future of Agriculture, Future of Agriculture Platform".

Stating that they set the year 2020 as the year of digitalization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Pakdemirli stated that they implemented smart earring, electric tractor, E-Agriculture portal, UAV usage and satellite technologies within this scope.


Stating that the plant production amount, which was 2002 million tons in 97, increased to 2020 million tons in 124, Pakdemirli said that they also increased the certified seed production from 145 thousand tons to 1 million 143 thousand tons and seed export from 17 million dollars to 149 million dollars.

All of the local and national as voicing domestically produced Pakdemirli sugar consumed in Turkey, the domestic tobacco products manufactured in order to supply to the market that they make at least 30% in Turkey, the use of tobacco produced mandatory, he said.

Pakdemirli stated that they declared a total of 2020 large agricultural lowlands, including 26 great plains, which were taken under protection in 291, as a protected area, and that their efforts continue to increase the number of protected plains to 300.

Pakdemirli stated that they have completed the Agricultural Weather Forecast Mobile Application by 80% and will be available to all producers at the end of the year.


Emphasizing that the number of cattle has increased by 18% and the number of sheep and goats increased by 81% with the support they have given to livestock in the last 72 years, Pakdemirli said, “In this period, our milk production increased by 173% to 23 million tons, our red meat production to 186 million tons with an increase of 1,2%, Our chicken meat production has increased by 207% to 2 million 140 thousand tons. Our egg production, on the other hand, reached 72 billion with an increase of 19,9%. In the last two years; We increased our cattle assets by 8% to 18,6 million, and our small cattle assets by 20% to 55,1 million. In the first six months of 2020, compared to 2019; Our bovine stock has increased by 4,2% and our ovine stock has increased by 13,6%. In the last two years, we have increased our milk production by 11% and our red meat production by 7%. Said.


Expressing that his efforts to protect consumer health at the highest level with the understanding of reliable food from the field to the table, Pakdemirli said:

“As of October 2020, we have conducted 1,1 million food inspections. Especially during the pandemic process, we increased our controls even more. We disclose to the public the food companies that produce unhealthy food, imitate or adulterate food. In different periods between 2012 - October 2020; We announced it to the public 26 times. In this context; We shared 1.609 different party products of a total of 3.605 companies with the public. We disclosed to the public that 3.101 batch products were within the scope of imitation-adulteration, and 504 batch products were the drug active ingredient or dyestuff that should not be included in them. In 2020, we announced to the public 5 times that companies engaged in imitation-adulteration. "


Referring to the importance of rural development, Minister Pakdemirli said, “In this context, we have provided 11.554 billion TL grant support for 3,14 projects so far. Within the scope of the 2020th Stage in 13, we have paid 210 million TL grant support so far. 581 The project was completed and became operational. We will give grant support of 2.216 million TL to 681 projects. With these projects, a total of 98.507 people have been employed in rural areas, 5.748 of which are female employment. " Said.

Minister Pakdemirli said that with 16.569 projects signed under IPARD-I and IPARD-II given by the ARDSI so far, approximately 4,3 billion TL grant support was paid to investors and 69 thousand new job opportunities were provided.

Within the scope of Licensed Warehousing Support between 2019-2020; Underlining that they support 49 million TL to 85 thousand producers including additional rent, transportation and analysis fee, Pakdemirli said that they provide support of 188 million TL to the Specialized Organized Industrial Zones based on agriculture, and that they cover 50% of the insurance policy price with TARSİM as the Ministry.


Turkey's largest afforestation who ranks among the top three countries that Pakdemirli attracted attention around the world, working in the last 18 years by about 5,4 million hectares, 4,7 billion seedlings voiced their lands meet.

On November 11, 2019 at 11:11 in 81 provinces, young and old hand in hand, at the same time; 13,8 million seedlings Pakdemirli explaining that they meet the ground for a greener Turkey, "In this context, Çorum 303 thousand 150 seedlings because" 1 hour maximum planting "breaking the record, we entered into the Guinness Book of Records. I invite you to our sapling planting event that we will organize under the auspices of our esteemed President on the 11th of November National Afforestation Day. Hopefully this year, we will plant saplings at the same time with nearly 81 countries in 1000 provinces, besides more than 30 points with the call "BREATH TO THE FUTURE, BREATH TO THE WORLD". We will crown this meaningful event with records. " He spoke.


Minister Pakdemirli stated that they reduced the first response time to the forest fire, which was 2003 minutes in 40, to 12 minutes and said, “We respond to fires with a total of 27 vehicles, including 2 water launch helicopters, 1 amphibious aircraft, 6 unmanned aerial vehicle, 2.597 administrative helicopters. We monitor our forests 776/7 from 24 towers. We are using 117 cameras in 254 watchtowers. We also put unmanned watchtowers into service. With the completion of the project, we will save 2023 million Lira per year until 60. In addition, we strengthened our communication system in combating forest fires and established the Fire-CELL Communication System. Thanks to the Digital Navigation Tracking System, on-line tracking of fire extinguishers and service vehicles via satellite will be provided. " said.


Expressing that they have provided interest-free loans and grant support to forest villagers, Pakdemirli said that they have provided a total of 18 Billion 235.254 Million Lira loan support to 3 families in the last 220 years, 204 Billion 117 Million Lira to 3 cooperatives and 337 Million Lira.


Emphasizing that water investments are important, Pakdemirli said, “Between 2003 and 2020, a total of 18 billion TL investment was made in 254 years. In total at the end of 2020; The number of dams was increased to 876 and the number of ponds and dams to 651, increasing the storage capacity to 178.5 billion m3. The number of irrigation facilities will be increased to 3.221 and the area opened to irrigation will be 6.7 million hectares. The number of consolidation project projects will reach 263 and the registered consolidation area will reach 4.8 million hectares. The number of completed drinking water and waste water facilities will be 367, and the amount of drinking water supplied will reach 4.7 billion m3 annually. The number of flood protection facilities will reach 10.107. " He used his expressions.

Stating that 2021 will be a breakthrough year for water and irrigation investments, Pakdemirli said, “The allowance allocated to water investments in 2021 is approximately 2020 times more than the year 2,4. In this context, we will add abundance to the fertility of our fertile lands by accelerating irrigation investments, especially in GAP and KOP. " Said.

Minister Pakdemirli also said that they aim to build more than 100 underground dams in regions where surface dams cannot be built until 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic.


Stating that his Ministry has a strong R&D infrastructure with 60 Research Institutes and more than two thousand researchers working within its body, Pakdemirli said that they included 2007 R&D projects in the scope of support between 2020-429, 343 of these projects were concluded and 86 projects continued. He said he did.

Explaining that they are working with all their might to develop domestic and national technologies, Pakdemirli said, “The National Electric Tractor Prototype, which is known as the first domestic and national field class of our country, has 105 HP, 4 wheel drive (4 × 4) and improved according to the tractors in the maneuvering and steering capability class, and 20 production has been started. In addition, 65 HP Electric Garden Tractor Prototype Development Project work continues. With the autonomous spraying robot to be developed within the framework of the cooperation of the Research Institute of our Ministry and the University, variable-rate drug application project studies are continuing. A trial study of the smart earring application has been started on 20 thousand animals, and when the studies are completed, we plan to apply it to all animals. In the coming period, both bovine and breeding sheep and goats will be monitored digitally, and our livestock assets and biological information in our country will be recorded. " He spoke.


Stating that they are pleased with the producers by announcing the pre-harvest prices in the 2020 harvest period for all products purchased by TMO, Pakdemirli said that they announced the intervention purchase price for dried apricots for the first time in the history of the Republic.

Minister Pakdemirli, Meat and Milk Institution in 2019-2020; Stating that 259.960 head animals were purchased, 85.965 tons of red meat, 8.362.920 pieces of poultry were purchased and 16.278 tons of white meat were produced. In 2019-2020, approximately 3 Billion Lira was paid. In line with its duty to regulate the milk market, the Meat and Milk Institution produced 4 million tons of raw milk from the producer in 1,1 years, 92 thousand tons of skimmed milk powder, almost all of which were sold abroad. In this context, approximately 1 Billion Lira was paid to milk producers ”.

The age of the 50-55% tea Çaykur is processed in 47 factories representing Pakdemirli produced in Turkey, Çaykur by 2020, 752 thousand the tons of tea reception held and manufacturers as of September 1 billion 723 million TL have been paid, as well as 245 million lira He said that the pruning compensation was paid.


Explaining the future targets of his Ministry, Pakdemirli said: “We will complete the determinations of pastures, highlands and winter quarters. We will do Pasture Improvement and Management Projects in 2,5 million decares of land. In 2021, we plan to provide individual irrigation grant support to our farmers, amounting to approximately 200 million TL. We will provide 2021% grant support between 2025-4 within the scope of 50th Period rural development supports. In this context, we aim to provide grants of up to 50 Million TL with 500% grant for drying, freezing, canning and packaging activities, especially for women, young entrepreneurs and small family businesses. We aim to implement the Rural Expert Hands Project in 81 provinces and provide 200 Million Lira grant support. In 2021, we will make a grant support payment of 170 million TL within the scope of Licensed Warehousing. Our goal in aquaculture; 2021 thousand tons in 450, 2023 thousand tons of production and 600 billion dollars export in 2. In 2021, we will spread the practice of summer planting across the country on products of strategic importance on idle / vacant / fallow lands. Our 2023 goal in land consolidation and on-farm development services is to complete the consolidation works on 8,5 million hectares of land. In 2021, we will increase our forest assets to 22,9 million hectares. Increasing the forest areas to 2023 million hectares, which is 30% of the country's surface area, by 23,4 is among our priority targets. In 2021, we will complete the registration of forests to the land registry. In 2023, we will have completed 2 / B applications. We will increase the number of unmanned aerial vehicles to 2021 in 4.

We will work on 2021 hectares of land in 100.000 as afforestation and combating activities, and we will produce 2021 million saplings in 270. Soil conservation program 2021 target is 17.200 hectares. We aim to produce wood products as 2021 million m31,9 in 2023. In 2, we aim to increase the export of non-wood products to over 2021 billion dollars. In 300, ORKÖY loan and grant support will be 2023 Million Lira. We aim to reduce the amount of soil transported by erosion to 130 million tons / year for XNUMX.

We started to use the 30-meter high resolution wind forecast system prepared by the General Directorate of Meteorology for the first time in forest fires. Thanks to this system, we plan to produce wind data of any fire point, selected on the map, for up to 72 hours, covering our country at 1-hour intervals.

In addition to forest fires, we aim to provide meteorological support to aviation activities such as wind energy forecasting, UAV / SIHA flights, paragliding and hot air balloons. We are planning to install a Low Level Wind Refraction Warning System at Istanbul Airport, which is available at a number of airports in the world. We will increase the weather forecast period published up to 7 days to 2021 days at the end of 15.

In 2021, by our DSI General Directorate; By completing 18 dams and 72 more ponds and dams, to increase the number of storage to 1.617, the capacity to 180 billion m3, to increase the number of completed irrigation facilities to 3.313 and the area opened to irrigation to 6,9 million hectares, to complete 44 more projects in total, Increasing the area to be registered by 307 million hectares, reaching 1,3 million hectares, increasing the amount of drinking water to be supplied to a total of 6 by completing 15 more facilities, increasing the amount of drinking water to be supplied to 382 billion m4,8 annually, by completing 3 more flood control facilities, Our goal will be to increase it to 137 units. In 10.244, we aim to increase the number of basins to 2021 by completing the River Basin Management Plan in 3 more basins. In 11, the avalanche status will be added to the water erosion data of 2020 provinces, which were opened to the use of our citizens via e-government in 81, and will be offered to the service of our people with android software. Thanks to this software, our citizens will be able to instantly see the erosion and avalanche status of their location. As TİGEM, in 2021, the certified grain seed sales will reach 2021 thousand tons, and the breeding cattle assets; 240 thousand heads of the existence of breeding sheep; 33 thousand head, the sale of breeding cattle; 235 per head, sale of breeding sheep; 3.390 thousand heads, bull semen production; 24 million dose of cannabis seed production; We aim to increase it to 1 tons. "

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