100 More Eco-Friendly Buses Coming to Mersin

new eco-friendly bus coming to Mersin
new eco-friendly bus coming to Mersin

At the Third Meeting of the November 2020 Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council held under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer, the authorization to use up to 100 million Euros of foreign loans within the scope of the environmentally friendly 22 CNG buses needed in the city was unanimously accepted. Emphasizing that they provide permanent services in the city, Mayor Seçer also mentioned the Metro Project and said that Mersin is an important project for the next decades.

CNG bus loan accepted

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), in order to use foreign loans up to 100 million Euros within the scope of the purchase of 22 CNG buses needed to strengthen the public transportation system in the city and to provide fast, high quality and comfortable transportation service to the citizens. With the authorization of Mayor Vahap Seçer to sign the Guarantee Compensation and Agreement to be signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and the said bank for the financing to be provided, and with the authorization of the Deputy Secretary General of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Olcay Tok, to carry out all transactions related to the loan. The relevant issue was accepted unanimously in the Assembly.

Upon a parliamentary member asking whether there are any conditions for using this loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the President Seçer said, “They do not have any sanctions on us. Since there are environmentally friendly, natural gas and CNG vehicles only within the scope of the Green City Project, we can supply these vehicles from anywhere. We make the specification. We will go out with the same specifications as the buses we bought recently. They do not have any sanctions on us such as model, firm, type, color, international or domestic. The money will enter our account. We will make payments from there, ”he said.

Stating that they bought the 73 CNG bus with 1 year grace period and 48 months maturity, President Seçer said, “We bought it surprisingly cheap. Especially now the foreign currency has risen, but before that it was very attractive to us. It has become much more attractive now. This is our chance. It was good, we got it on time. The pandemic had intervened, I canceled the tender, I did not know what the pandemic would bring. Then, when things started to improve a little, we went to the tender, we encountered such a picture. He said good luck.

Answering the questions about credit evaluation, Seçer said, “Look at the event as follows: As a result, see what you give, what you get. They also have rules, rules and methods. We get 22, we give 18. Of the 7 million grants, we pay 3 million interest, and 4 million remain in our pocket. These financial institutions are not established for profit. I think around 60 countries are partners here. They also have a serious placement. They have reserved over 1 billion Euros for this Green City. Izmir bought it, now I know that Ankara has applied. We bought it, ”he said.

"We did not do any of our work to save the day, we will not"

Upon a council member saying that the local governments have avoided the problems by dressing up until now, President Seçer said, “We do not consider the work we did in this period as dressing. We want to provide permanent services. We did not do any of our work to save the day, we will not. We will never do adultery. If you see such a method, if you see such a method, please raise your voice. “We will try to do the best of everything”.

"Metro is an important project of the next decades"

President Seçer emphasized that the Metro Project is necessary for the coming years of Mersin and said, “You can say 'no metro is unnecessary' to a political choice we have made on the metro. But it is necessary for me. There are reasons I base this on. I consider the subway not to be an important project of today, not of tomorrow, but of decades to come. It will make significant contributions to public transportation. "It will make a significant contribution to the relief of urban traffic." Stating that the construction period of the Metro Project will be between 4-6 years and that they will start during the construction period and pay in 11 years, Mayor Seçer said, "Currently, there is no situation that will affect our financial table."

"Everybody is my brother no matter what color."

President Seçer emphasized that citizens of all sects benefit from the aid provided in the month of Ramadan and that they do not discriminate against any belief, “Everyone is my brother, regardless of their color. My identity is not important. My identity, such and such sect is never. In this sense, I am ethnic blind. I am denominational blind. I'm regionally blind. I don't see anyone, I see people. I see it as a brother, ”he said.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's 2021 Fiscal Year Budget, Tax, Fee and Fee Schedule and Performance Program were unanimously approved in the Assembly. Seçer said, “Thank you very much. “Good luck to Mersin”.

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