10 Suggestions to Overcome Coronavirus Fear

Suggestion to overcome coronavirus fear
Suggestion to overcome coronavirus fear

The concern of getting coronavirus has recently become a common mental problem that almost everyone experiences. This new condition, which is also known as coronaphobia, can negatively affect our mental health and, in parallel, our relationships with our environment.

Uz. From Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, Department of Psychology. Psi. Arzu Beyribey gave information about the effects of the fear of getting coronavirus on psychology and ways of protection.

Prolonged Insulation Time Triggers the Feeling of Inhibition

With the disappearance of the borders between countries thanks to the developing and spreading technology, the rapid spread of epidemic diseases worldwide has caused the coronavirus to leave even very important issues such as economy, global warming, politics and earthquakes in the background. After a certain point, negative reactions can be seen in the psychology of individuals who are intertwined throughout the day through the media, with many news about the number of cases in countries, death rates, vaccination and drug studies, whether the virus has mutated or not. The coronavirus disease, which people are caught in a moment when they are not ready with the thought of "it will not happen to me", changes the lives of both the person and his family to a great extent. It is also beneficial in this sense to emphasize the psychological effects of isolation, which people sometimes notice late. Feelings of not being able to do what they want to do in a way that deprives the individual of his freedom can create a feeling of frustration and then aggression.

Necessary Precautions Should Be Taken To Form Trust

In an environment of uncertainty that already exists, negative feelings increase even more when people's fears about the risk of losing their jobs and even loved ones over time are added to a complete change in their life order. It can be followed by irritability, intolerance, communication problems with anxiety, anxiety and depression. First of all, rather than the understanding of "destiny" as in all matters, the efforts of societies to be prepared for all kinds of disasters and to be informed correctly helps to take precautions in advance. When people feel safe in this way, the pressure and stress on them are also reduced. Apart from this kind of material preparation, another point to be considered is the realization of how effective human psychology is in eliminating the global pandemic. In such a difficult period, it is clear that every effort that an individual devotes and supports each other with their loved ones without feeling lonely has a positive contribution. While trying to create a new life routine for ourselves, increasing the capacity to adapt to changes will allow the stress level to decrease.

Consider These Suggestions Regarding Concerns About Getting Coronavirus

  • The level of social media follow-up should be restricted to the family and the process should be followed only from reliable sources.
  • Quality / fun times to be spent at home, especially with family members, should be ensured family awareness and integrity in line with common decisions,
  • Feelings should be shared with close and trusted spouses, friends and relatives, and should not be afraid of getting into trouble.
  • Lack of planning and disorder caused by being in the same environment for a long time, without getting caught up in a sleep / meal /sohbet routine should be established,
  • Activities that cannot be done because there is no time for a long time, and the advantages of the pandemic should be recognized. (This attitude will also get the person used to focus on a positive perspective for different problems that may be in the future.)
  • The person should take care to do the things he / she enjoys considering his / her own happiness by sparing special time for himself / herself.
  • Individuals should try to support other people or family members by empathizing with them.
  • Attention should be paid to avoiding the flow of attitude, speech and information pollution that will cause them anxiety, especially in the presence of children,
  • Social isolation should be considered, but communication with the environment should not be broken.
  • It should not be forgotten that supports such as online therapy can also be used during the isolation process when necessary. In this way, the stress level can be reduced and individual peace and family communication can be carried out in a healthier way.


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