What is the New Transmission Management System?

What is the New Transmission Management System?
What is the New Transmission Management System?

Transmission Management System (IYS) It is known as the system used by companies engaged in commercial activities to deliver their advertisements to their customers. Information security of companies registered on this system can be provided legally.

Secure flows of information can be ensured between companies and their customers, known as new Transmission Management System providers and buyers. For this, companies are primarily controlled and information usage approval is obtained from customers for certain time intervals.

Protect Your Information Security with IYS

Information security, which is important in e-commerce systems, can be provided from different channels, while providing a national security IYS information security Thanks to this, both companies and customers can easily continue their secure shopping.

IYS system It is used over MERSİS registration. Therefore, companies must complete the necessary registration processes and obtain the necessary approvals for use. Other than that, IYS record is not defined.

At the same time, documents and signatory circulars for ensuring the secure environment of the companies must be declared correctly while applying. Information such as tax identification number and registration number may also be required during the submission of documents.

Transmission Management System data transfer In doing so, first of all, necessary permissions should be obtained from the customers. Permission sources can be obtained through wet signed or electronic system. At the same time, it is required to declare the status of leave for a period of time.

IYS Easy Application Processes

Registration steps are completed for the Transmission Management System, and applications can be made easily. The periods determined for registration to the system are declared by IYS and applications must be completed within the specified period.

Registration to the MERSİS system for applications is determined primarily and it is deemed necessary to enter the registration information of the company. After that, the company is registered in the Transmission Management System with the approval.

Message Management System Regulation This information contained in it is important for companies to use in an approved manner. In order to ensure security in the system, it is ensured that customers' written or electronic approvals are obtained. Subsequently, while the data is flowing easily, there will be no security gap.


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