Virus-Free Airspace Coming to Public Transport

Virus-Free Airspace Coming to Public Transport
Virus-Free Airspace Coming to Public Transport

TransportationPark, an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, brings virus-free airspace to public transportation. In this context, Metropolitan Municipality started to install UV filter units on buses and trams where it provides public transportation services. With the UV Filter technology that provides clean air circulation, TransportationPark has also managed to bring the service quality it provides to passengers to the highest levels.


Continuing its fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, which has affected the whole world, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has activated a new system for safe and healthy travel for citizens in public transportation vehicles. TransportationPark, one of the Metropolitan Municipality affiliates aiming at 'virus-free airspace in public transportation', installs a UV filter unit on the bus and tramway that it provides public transportation service.


The Ultraviolet Air Filter System, which is the most preferred for air disinfection in operating rooms, laboratories conducting advanced medical and chemical research, will be integrated into 336 buses and 18 trams that provide public transportation service. Ultraviolet Air Filter System offers healthy transportation service to passengers. Ultraviolet air filter system, which does not have any harm to human health, hits microorganisms in the air and disrupts the structure of microbes with the effect of ultraviolet light.


The system, which offers 99 percent air cleaning, provides the highest level of clean air circulation in the tram with ultraviolet rays. With the Ultraviolet Air Filter System, possible epidemic interaction is prevented by destroying the microorganisms in the vehicle for safe and healthy travel of passengers. The pollen filters of the Ultraviolet Air Filter System, which is integrated into buses and trams, are regularly and programmatically changed.

Tried on TRAM

The engineer and technical team conducting R&D studies in the Park tried UV filter technology in Akçaray for a period of 6 months. During this period, various air quality tests were carried out on trams. As a result of the tests carried out by an impartial, ministry accredited institution, the bacteria value was reduced from 59 cfu / M3 to 6 cfu / M3, and the mold value from 6 cfu / M3 to 0 cfu / M3 thanks to the UV Filter. In this way, air quality was brought to the top. It was observed that with the installation of the UV Filter, the air quality in the trams was maximized. Ultraviolet Air Filter System used in Akçaray started to be integrated into 336 passenger buses. In a short time, the passenger buses of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will also serve with virus-free airspace.

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