Van Ferry Port Coastal Road Reconstruction

Van Ferry Pier Coastal Road Reconstruction
Photo: Sehrivan Newspaper

Upon the project to expand the railway maneuver area made by TCDD in the Van Ferry Pier area, the green area of ​​the Iskele Coastal Road was demolished and the seating areas were demolished in March, and due to the intense reaction of the people of Van and the pressure of the local press, TCDD General Directorate announced that the project will be revised and the coastal road will be rebuilt. While the works on the new coastal road were continuing, it was noteworthy that the interlocking paving stones used in the village roads were laid on the road.

Şehrivan NewspaperAccording to the news of Sercan Cansiz from; "We want to return the Iskele coastal road" by the people of Van reacting to the announcements that the green areas and resting places in the Iskele Coastal Road area were demolished in March and that they would not be rebuilt, and following the persistent follow-up of the local press, Mehmet Emin Bilmez and TCDD 5 'İnci Regional Manager Aliseydi Felek held a press conference in August on the issue. Aliseydi Felek, who made statements in the field where the ongoing works were carried out in the garden of the Governorship and Iskele, stated that the new railway flooring project will be revised upon the intense demand of the people of Van and the Pier Coastal Road will be rebuilt.


Stating that the coastal road will be rebuilt with the decision taken, Felek said, “We have two 1,5 wagons newly built by our government, one of which has been working for 3,5 years and the other for 50 years. coaches came to Iran from all over Turkey, we carry our our Ferry These two new ferries. At the pier, the part we call right line works. There is also a left line. In other words, there is another port side where the second ferry will dock and its roads are being built. In other words, when the second ferry approaches, we are building the railroad where we will drop the wagons inside it. We had no maneuver to do this. Within the scope of the project, we built a road where we can keep 3 wagons waiting and maneuver. While we were starting these roads and making the ferry road we call this left line, we removed other seating places and walking areas and emptied the cafes in accordance with the letter of our port authority. With the decision taken, we will rebuild the coastal road. Our work continues. If God wills, we will complete the beach work until the end of the year and put it at the service of the people of Van ”.


In line with the revised decision in the project, the coastal road was reconstructed while the railway maneuvering works were continuing at Iskele. The keystone used in the village roads was laid on the road reserved for the destroyed Iskele Coast Road, a concrete wall was built and wire mesh was laid. For the coastal road, which was 20 meters wide before, seating groups, playgrounds, trees and green areas, an area of ​​approximately 12 meters was allocated in the new project. On the other hand, the new coastal road does not extend to the ferry pier as in previous years, it ends at the pier approach point.


Citizens stated that for the new coastal road built by TCDD, Van Metropolitan Municipality should intervene and contribute to the project and bring the coastal road to Van in harmony with Lake Van with its green texture, seating groups, and flooring so that the old appearance of the coastal road will not increase.

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