Traffic Safety of Samsun is entrusted to ASELSAN

Traffic Safety of Samsun is entrusted to ASELSAN
Traffic Safety of Samsun is entrusted to ASELSAN

Within the scope of the 'smart city' project carried out by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality together with ASELSAN, road safety will be increased and traffic flow will be made more comfortable.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which takes steps that bring smart urbanism to the forefront, from transportation to the environment, from infrastructure to superstructure investments, continues its activities in this scope. The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to solve many problems, especially traffic, with the 'smart city' project carried out in cooperation with ASELSAN, is preparing to bid.

Stating that they aim to facilitate the lives of the citizens with the smart city project, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We are working on making Samsun a brand city in every field. We are conducting the 'Smart City Project' with ASELSAN to bring a radical solution to the traffic problem in our city. Within the scope of this project, its functionality will be increased by both accelerating the traffic flow and smartening the intersections and modernizing their geometric structures. Within the scope of the project, an inspection infrastructure such as red lights and faulty parks will also be established in order to prevent possible accidents and reduce accidents at black spots, ”he said:

“With the works we will do at the intersections in Atatürk Boulevard, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, 100. Yıl Boulevard and Abdullah Gül Boulevard, the traffic flow will be accelerated by intervening in real time. Travel times, average vehicle stopping and delay times in the traffic road network will be minimized. Environmental pollution will be prevented by reducing fuel consumption, toxic gas emissions and noise pollution. In addition, there will be a reduction in red light violations and traffic accidents ”.



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