The Power of National Defense on the Ground PETLAS

The Power of National Defense on the Ground PETLAS
The Power of National Defense on the Ground PETLAS

Turkey's domestic capital industrial strength Abdulkadir Ozcan Inc. (At AKO Group) currently has, so far, 4.5 billion pounds of investment in our country's tire industry leading brand of 100 percent domestic capital PETLAS offers vernacularization contribute to Turkey's defense industry.

PETLAS, one of the pioneering investments in reducing foreign dependency in the defense sector of our country, today, besides being a Turkish brand with global competitive power, it also fulfills its duty in this field with its R&D and production studies for the defense industry.

Domestic R&D, Domestic Production for the National Defense Industry

Stating that PETLAS meets the tire needs of our national defense industry with domestic R&D and domestic production, AKO Group Board Member Safa Özcan said, “The tires produced by PETLAS with domestic capital, domestic engineering and domestic work force eliminate foreign dependency in this field. In this way, we continue to fulfill the founding mission of PETLAS, which was implemented with the aim of reducing foreign dependency in the embargo days after the Cyprus Peace Operation ”.

Emphasizing that tires with special features for the special needs of air and land vehicles in the inventory of military units and security forces occupy a special place in the PETLAS product portfolio, Safa Özcan said, “These tires are produced entirely with local knowledge and without being dependent on the outside. R & D that is 100 percent domestic capital of Turkey we are the only company in the tire industry. National tires produced with domestic capital, domestic R&D, and domestic labor also contribute to the increase in the rate of localization in our defense industry ”.

Domestic Tire for Fighter Aircrafts and S UAV

The rate of indigenousness in defense systems and having critical aspects of the product are of great importance for countries. National Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SİHA) Bayraktar TB2, which makes a great contribution to the security of our country and the fight against terrorism and attracts attention all over the world, our first National Education aircraft HÜRKUŞ-B and the national fighter aircraft TFX National Combat Aircraft Project. PETLAS takes responsibility for its development and production.

Petlas, which is currently one of the three licensed manufacturers of F-5, F-16 fighter jet tires in the world, is produced for the defense industry, F-16 and UAV tires, as well as Kirpi, Ural, STA, Amazon, PARS 6 × 6, It also includes tactical wheeled armored vehicles such as Pusat, Hızır, Kıraç, Cobra and special tires for Seyit, BMC TTAR Tank Carriers. It stands by our security forces in the most difficult conditions required by the defense and security of the homeland with its tires that can work in harmony with run-flat systems even if the bullet is hit.

The Power of National Defense on the Ground PETLAS

PETLAS was founded in 1976 as a public investment in the post-Cyprus Peace Operation, in the fields of defense industry, mechanized agriculture, public and private sector, individual use and public transportation, with the aim of reducing our country's foreign dependence on tires.

In 2005, PETLAS, which was acquired by AKO Group, the power of the Turkish industry with domestic capital, demonstrated the strategic importance of our country's domestic and national production with an investment of 4.5 billion Turkish lira. PETLAS, which meets the needs of the domestic defense industry in a wide range from UAVs to armored vehicles with domestic tires, is the grounding force of national defense.

which is very important in terms of Turkey's economy and the existence of the domestic defense industry, sub-industry and testing stages Ozcan Pure emphasizing the importance of domestic resource utilization, "our government, civil and military aviation, especially to meet all the requirements of strategy and policy for aircraft tires, all of our production resources "We are always ready to work."


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