What is Tekatü? Hilal Tekatü History

What is Tekatü? Hilal Tekatü History
What is Tekatü? Hilal Tekatü History

"Tekatü", which means cut or intersection in Ottoman, is a railway junction in the world only in England, America, India and Izmir. It is the intersection of the rails perpendicular to each other, which is called “Diamond Crossing” in the literature due to the shape originating from the intersection of two railway lines. If you ask what is Tekatu, it is the intersection of railway lines, which should not intersect with each other, almost 90 degrees!

Hilal Tekatü History

Hilal Train Station is a station on the Central Line of İZBAN. The station uses İZBAN trains departing from Menemen to Cumaovası.

The station was first put into service on July 1, 1866 for the İzmir-Alsancak - Aydın railway. The station is located at the famous "Crescent Junction" where ORC and SCP intersect. Due to the shape originating from the intersection of the two railway lines, the station was given the Greek name "Istavroz", which means "Cross" in Turkish when it was first opened. The station, which kept this name from 1866 to 1923, was named "Crescent" after the establishment of the Republic in 1923, due to the fact that the majority of the city's population was Muslim. The railwaymen named the junction where the two lines intersect, "Tekatü", which means cutting or intersection in Ottoman, and it is still used today. All over the world it is referred to as the diamond junction.

It is immediately noticed that the intersection is constructed differently from other railway intersections. The world importance of the intersection, where the trains departing from Basmane-Alsancak stations meet and where the crossings are made in a controlled manner, is due to the low number of them. Their names are referred to in the literature as "diamond crossroads". It exists only in England, India, California and Izmir in the world.

In the past, when the steam locomotive passed through the Hilal Tekatü, the lights were turned off, candles were lit, and they were passed with enthusiasm. The railroaders call this intersection, which they call "tekatu", "takatuka" because of the sounds that come out when the train passes. In this respect, Izmir Crescent Station is one of the riches of our country and Izmir.

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