Driverless Forklift on TOSB Roads

Driverless Forklift on TOSB Roads
Driverless Forklift on TOSB Roads

📩 27/10/2020 17:41

Automotive Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) Innovation Center and Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (activities in 2019 with OTAM cooperation started Turkey's first "Driverless Vehicle Test Track" company and continues to attract interest by start ups. Driverless The Vehicle Test Park is now hosting the work of the Driverless Forklift designed by SK ROBOTİK.

TOSB Innovation Center coordination in the Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (OTAM) to contribute to the development of automotive sector in Turkey with the cooperation and the quality of services by increasing the use of technology well established aiming to deliver the highest level Driverless Vehicle Test Track, home to SK Robotics firm designed the driverless forklift operation hosts.

SK ROBOTIK, established with the aim of producing a conversion kit with national software for the autonomization of classical driver stacking vehicles and development of unmanned land vehicles; He is one of the guests of the Driverless Vehicle Test Park, where many tests for driverless and electric vehicle technologies are performed. Tested system; It enables autonomous operation by adding locally developed software and hardware to the vehicle without damaging the vehicle's own structure as a software that can be applied to various work machines such as pallet trucks, forklifts, reach trucks, etc. managed by a human operator, and even tractors. In addition, the system can be deactivated with a button and the vehicle can be made available to the operator again, and this system can be transferred to the new vehicle if the vehicle is renewed.

Dr. Dudaroğlu: "locomotive sector of the automotive Turkey"

TOSB Chairman of the Board of Directors, who examined the work of the Driverless Forklift on site. Mehmet Dudaroğlu, drawing rapidly that gold continues to work for driverless vehicles in the automotive sector in the world, said the automotive sector is one of the locomotives for Turkey. He added that the test track, which is open to everyone and every organization working in the field of driverless vehicles, is completely closed to traffic and continues its services with a special area protected from adverse weather conditions.

Burhanoğlu "big win for Turkey"

Ömer Burhanoğlu, TOSB Board Member Responsible for Innovation, said, “We, as TOSB, follow the direction of automotive and especially the development of autonomous vehicles, which is a new field, and we do everything we can to contribute. TOSB is one of the important points in this regard. 'Driverless Vehicle Test Track', up to the start-up of Turkey's leading industrial organization sees interest by many organizations and institutions. Here I believe that Turkey will provide great asset to the work done, "he said.

Özcan: "We aim to provide infrastructure to our companies in the transformation in automotive"

OTAM General Manager Ekrem Özcan said, “As OTAM, we are a company with special knowledge and competence in automotive tests. With the transformation of automotive, we diversify our tests, and we also conduct studies on autonomous vehicles, especially electric vehicles. We have realized this cooperation with TOSB Innovation Center for autonomous vehicles in order to provide infrastructure to our companies and share our technical knowledge in the transformation in automotive. So far, more than ten companies and organizations carried out various tests here. Now we are hosting Driverless Forklift works ”.

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