Serik Public Meat Store Started Sales

Serik Public Meat Store Started Sales
Serik Public Meat Store Started Sales

The fourth branch of Halk Et stores of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, bringing the people of Antalya together with economic, healthy and high quality meat products, was opened in Serik. Halk Meat Serik Store was flooded by citizens from the first day.

The Halk Et Project, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek has implemented with the local development move, continues to grow with the interest of citizens, and open new branches. Bringing meat products obtained from livestock farmers in Antalya together with citizens, Metropolitan Municipality opened its fourth Public Meat branch in Serik after Kepez, Manavgat and Alanya. Serik Public Meat Store, operated by ANET, one of the Metropolitan Municipality companies, started sales on its place in Yeni Mahalle Yaşar Uçar Caddesi.


The people of Serik showed great interest in the Halk Meat Sales Store, which offers citizens the opportunity to buy affordable, healthy, reliable and quality meat. Mesut Kocagöz, Chairman of ANET Board of Directors, Serik CHP District Secretary Mustafa Kurt and Good Party District Chairman Oğuz Ersöz made observations at Halk Et Serik Store.


Mesut Kocagöz, Chairman of ANET Board of Directors, stated that citizens are very pleased with Halk Meat Stores and that they will continue to open new branches. Noting that a total of 105 thousand citizens have visited Kepez, Manavgat and Alanya Public Meat Stores, Kocagöz said that a total of 265 thousand kilograms of meat and meat products have been sold. Kocagöz said, “Our Head of Muhittin had promised Serik the Folk Meat. We fulfilled his promise. I think our people of Serik will be satisfied with Halk Et. "Good luck," he said.


Stating that he has lived in Serik for 45 years, Gani Özdemir said, “I am very pleased that Halk Et store is also opened in Serik. Thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality, Serik started to receive very good services. Halk Et has opened, a nursery will be opened, elderly nursing homes will be opened. I would like to thank our President Muhittin Böcek for bringing us together with these services. I wish him urgent healing ”.


Stating that he is a regular of Halk Et, Sedat Bozlu said, “I work in Serik but I live in Antalya Kepez. I constantly shop from Kepez Public Meat Store. Kepez store is very busy, especially on weekends. As soon as Serik Halk Et opened, I took my breath here. The meats are very tasty, we are very satisfied. Prices are also very good, ”he said.


The meats that are offered for consumption at the Metropolitan Municipality Public Meat Sales Stores are delivered to the consumers safely in a hygienic and modern environment. At Halk Et, the weight of minced beef is 39.90 and the weight of veal cubes is 49.90. The animals taken from the livestock breeder from Antalya are slaughtered in ANET's own slaughterhouse and processed under the supervision of the veterinarian by a commission consisting of veterinarians, food engineers and experts. Halk Et, the address of affordable, healthy and quality meat, continues to be the choice of citizens since the first day it was opened.

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