Sugar Factory Modernization Has Increased Production by 20 Percent

Sugar Factory Modernization Has Increased Production by 20 Percent
Sugar Factory Modernization Has Increased Production by 20 Percent

The factory modernization project implemented by IDA Proses in its Sugar Factory provided an increase of 20% in production and a saving of 30% in energy consumed. İDA Process Project and Technical Services Director Murat Ağaçdiken explains the details of the project, which they realized in cooperation with Schneider Electric and they ensure the production of the highest quality sugar with uninterrupted production.

As İDA Proses, we provide services in industrial automation with our experience of more than 20 years. Our main products; Schneider Electric brand DCS and PLC based process control and safety systems, industrial data management software, OT / IoT cyber security applications and process field instruments. We have many years of partnership with Schneider Electric. We consider our experience and the powerful product range of Schneider Electric as our biggest advantage in the market. We work with very strong brands / products such as Ecostruxure M580 PLC, Citect Aveva Wonderware, Foxboro, Triconex within Schneider Electric. In addition, in the CPG segment, we provide services in process control and industrial data management, production management systems and procurement of process instruments.


We have recently signed a very successful "Sugar Factory Modernization Project" with Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric has been very supportive in every phase from signing the contract to the completion of the project. In a period of 4 months, we modernized the technological infrastructure of the entire factory and programmed the production stages from scratch. The fact that the modernization processes of some sugar factories could not be completed in 2 years reveals how difficult the process is.


All processes, from the purification of sludge during the arrival of the beet from the field to the Lime Pit, to the final product sugar, were redesigned. The raw factory, press filters, cutters, refinery, lime kiln and treatment systems were included in the Ecostruxure Process Expert architecture, which was established to work synchronously. In this Sugar Factory, the highest quality sugar of the factory was produced by making uninterrupted production with the "continuous firing method", which was tried for the first time in the refinery unit. It was allowed to prepare yeast at higher standards compared to batch cooking. The system is designed in such a way that it can change steps backwards or forwards when an unwanted situation occurs during firing. In this way, it can prevent non-standard product cooking.


The most critical step of the firing stages, "Raising Steps" was taken out of the operator's control, formulated according to the brix and level curves and is now carried out automatically. This innovation provides continuous and proportional upgrades by minimizing sudden brx and level changes. The drying phase after cooking is also one of the key points of carefully prepared sugar. The new control algorithms of this process are implemented in the system. The entire production process is recorded and reported retrospectively.


A pair of redundant M580 controllers were placed in each of the Raw Factory, Refinery and Lime Quarry, redundant DCS servers in the Center and operator stations in the control rooms. Network was established in ring topology in the system. Therefore, with its ability to execute the given commands, it became a very "ready-to-use" system.


The monitored process values ​​were transformed from OT level to IT level, and the groundwork was laid for the future use of "artificial intelligence", "machine learning" and "data management" tools. By integrating every point of the factory into the control system, instant process and trend values ​​were accessed via the web from executive computers and mobile phones. 8 thousand tons of beets are cut daily at the Sugar Factory. While the sugar produced with this input was around one thousand tons last year, this year, an average of 200 tons of sugar is produced per day with continuous cooking. This indicates a significant 20 percent increase. Again, with continuous firing, we achieved a significant reduction in the amount of energy consumed. Natural gas boilers are working for the steam needed by the factory, and savings of up to 30 percent are observed in the energy consumed by the boilers last year and this year. We are very happy to be a part of this project. We would like to thank the Schneider Electric Industry Business Unit team for their continuous support from the beginning to the end of the project, the Sugar Factory team for trusting us in this project and for their endless support in the field, and of course our IDA Process technical team for completing this difficult project smoothly.

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