Samsun Tram Line Will Be Extended With Trolleybus

Samsun Tram Line Will Be Extended With Trolleybus
Samsun Tram Line Will Be Extended With Trolleybus

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir announced that the light rail system (tram) line will be extended to Taflan and airport directions with "electric trolleybuses". Demir also stated that they are planning to buy 4 more trams for the rail system line.

Stating that the existing tram line will not be extended to Taflan and the airport, President Mustafa Demir said, “The capacity of the trams is certain. We reduced the duration of the tram that passes every 6 minutes to 4 minutes. If it is lowered further, all the roads that intersect with the tram will stop, ”he said.

Stating that the current rail system line has a daily capacity of around 100-120 thousand passengers, Demir said, “We prepared our master plan that will relieve the citizens above this by buying new public transportation vehicles, not tramways. We know what to do. We will not extend the tram with its current state. We will extend it with an electric trolley bus system. We will extend this to the airport and Taflan. We are currently counting passengers. We will transfer to the rail system from Tekkeköy to the airport and from the University Station to Taflan. It will be on the existing highway by not opening a new line. Electric rubber-wheeled trolleybus system will serve here. The running cost of the trolleybus is very low. Passenger carrying capacity is higher than the rail system, ”he said.

"With 4 trains to be bought, our tram number will increase to 32"

Pointing out that the tram line will not lift more than 32 trains, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “New trains can be purchased on the existing line. We are planning to buy 4 more trains. The number of trains on the tram line will thus increase to 32. But it does not remove more than the number. Something else happens when you put more trains on the line. "When you think that the rail system passes every 2 minutes, you will paralyze the road transport that stops and leaves the entire rail system."

"There is no need to take the rail system underground"

Emphasizing that the electric wheeled trolleybus system is cheaper and has more passenger capacity, Demir said, “We had considered the İsmet İnönü Boulevard intersection of the rail system to take the rail system underground in Atakum. Then we looked to see if the jeans were saving. Jeans were saving. We made a master plan with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and looked that it does not meet the goal we want. We will relieve the traffic with intersection arrangements. We thought about this because it blocked land vehicles like Alparslan Boulevard. We reach our goal there with smart traffic management. "There was no need to take the rail system underground."



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