Petrol Ofisi Became Fuel Supplier of IDO

Petrol Ofisi Became Fuel Supplier of IDO
Petrol Ofisi Became Fuel Supplier of IDO

Turkey is the world's largest car with Petrol Ofisi, leader of the fuel and mineral oils sector and the maritime passenger transport company IDO, it has signed an important agreement.

Petrol Ofisi, with its marine fuel brand PO Marine, has become the fuel supplier of IDO, which carries more than 51 million passengers and over 35 million vehicles annually with 11 ships.

Petrol Ofisi, which has undertaken the fuel supply of many important institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors, signed another important agreement. Petrol Ofisi is Turkey's market leader for fuel, marine passenger and Istanbul Sea Buses are one of the most important means of transportation companies Industry and Trade Inc. (IDO) signed a fuel supply agreement. Petrol Ofisi, which is the fuel supplier of IDO, which PO Marine has served in the past, will provide refueling for the marine vehicles within the company for 3 years. The agreement also aims to implement campaigns and services that will add value to both Petrol Ofisi and IDO customers.

365/7 uninterrupted fuel supply under all conditions for 24 days

Turkey POA Marine capable of providing fuel to ships in all ports, positioned along the Iskenderun coastline from Hopa 7 marine terminals and one floating station, 1 barges, the country with the largest tanker fleet and skilled human resources; It has the power to supply in all regions, piers and weather conditions. PO Marine will provide uninterrupted fuel supply to İDO's marine vehicles 15/3, 15 days a year, with a special team of 365 barges, 7 road tankers and expert employees.

PO Marine, which has unique infrastructure, technical facilities and experience in the field of marine fuels, currently continues the refueling services of many important companies engaged in passenger and vehicle transportation, including Istanbul City Lines, TURYOL, and SS Erdek.

PO Marine is the leader of the maritime industry

PO Marine, which is the only company that can offer excise-free, dutiable fuels, marine oil supply and services in export (transit) and domestic market, sells approximately 50 million liters of fuel to more than 220 thousand ships and boats annually. PO Marine sells more than 6 thousand tons of fuel to approximately 600 thousand ships annually in the transit market. Serve the area in Turkey's largest brand POLAR Marine, with total sales of around 1 million m3 per year assuming market leadership in marine fuels.

IDO, Turkey and one of the largest in the world

İDO is one of the biggest companies not only in our country but also in the world in vehicle and sea passenger transportation. İDO has 7 ships, including 20 fast ferries, 24 ferries and 51 sea buses, serving 21 lines in 13 piers, 34 in Istanbul and 16 in the Marmara region. İDO achieved an important success by carrying 2019 million passengers and 35 million vehicles in 11.

"We will continue our traditional success by developing"

Murat Orhan, General Manager of IDO, said, “As IDO, we believe that the cooperation we have with Petrol Ofisi, the leader of its sector, will strengthen our operations. With this cooperation that will carry our high quality service to a higher level, we will continue to improve our traditional success. We will bring together Petrol Ofisi customers and IDO passengers in advantageous campaigns. We aim to continue our cooperation with Petrol Ofisi in the coming years to add value to our services. Found in the statement.

"We will supply with quality products and perfect operation"

Petrol Ofisi Commercial and Industrial Sales Director Ulvi Kılıç said, “İDO has an important operational dynamics with its large and widespread structure, different vessels and services, and scheduled voyages. With our unique infrastructure, experience, capability and expert staff, we will provide 7/24 uninterrupted service and quality products to this dynamic operation of İDO. We wish to further develop our cooperation with IDO, and to continue for many years with campaigns and services that will add value to our customers ”and expressed their satisfaction in cooperating with IDO.


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