Who is Nebahat Çehre?

Who is Nebahat Çehre?
Who is Nebahat Çehre?

Hilal Nebahat Çehre (born 15 March 1944, Samsun) is a Turkish actress, singer and model.

Nebahat Çehre was born in Samsun as the daughter of a family of four children. The only daughter of the family, Çehre is of Laz descent from her mother and Georgian from her father's side. Çehre, whose family immigrated to Istanbul when she was five years old, was chosen as "Miss Turkey" at the age of 15. She had her first cinema experience with the film "Yang" in 1961, upon the offers she received while working as a photo model and model. In 1964, she met Yılmaz Güney and starred in the film Kamalı Zeybek, and Çehre married Yılmaz Güney on January 30, 1967. In her own words, Yılmaz Güney contributed to her gaining a perspective on all kinds of issues, from country issues to her perspective on life.

At that time, the young girl whose feet did not touch the ground, that is, I learned the seriousness of the job from Yılmaz” and stated that Güney learned a lot from her experiences. Having been away from the cinema for a while, Çehre appeared in front of the camera again when she divorced Güney. Having performed as a singer in the rush of sex movies that started in the 70s, Çehre took a break from her stage life after her second marriage, and took a role in television series after she broke up with her second husband. Çehre also has a song called “Büklüm Büklüm”. For the song composed by Sezen Aksu, Çehre said, “In 1980, I interpreted a song by my beloved Sezen Aksu. The album I made and the song I sang took the first place in the charts.” he said.

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