Busy Time to Transportation in Mudanya

Intensive Work in Mudanya
Intensive Work in Mudanya

📩 16/10/2020 10:41

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has exceeded 3 million TL in total in the last 200 years in different areas from transportation to infrastructure, from beaches to sports facilities, and which has earned two times the annual budget of the district municipality to Mudanya, is making the face of the district more and more beautiful every day.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is working hard to make Mudanya, which is the gateway of Bursa to the coast and has a sea connection with Istanbul, a more livable and healthy city, gave priority to infrastructure. With an investment of approximately 3 million TL in the last 134 years, 23 kilometers of drinking water lines, 22 kilometers of sewage lines, 6 kilometers of rainwater lines, 2 drinking water tanks, an irrigation facility and a treatment facility were provided to Mudanya. In order to prevent floods and floods occurring throughout the country due to sudden rains in recent years, rehabilitation works are carried out periodically in the streams passing through Mudanya district center.

Busy time to transportation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has gained the satisfaction of citizens traveling between Bursa and Istanbul by reducing the BUDO ticket prices, where sea transportation is provided from Mudanya pier, is making an intense effort to make the road network in the district healthy. 40 thousand 14 meters of hot asphalt was poured on the Ülküköy, Halitpaşa, Çağrışan, Bademli, Güzelyalı Eğitim, Aydınpınar and Mürsel neighborhoods and İpekyayla - Akköy - Çepni connection road and Işıklı - Yeni - Ömerköy connection road with the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation. In addition, ifce, Yaman-Yaliciftlik, Kaymakoba-Trilye, Kaymakoba-Yalıçiftlik, Çınarlı-Kaymakoba, Yaman-Çınarlı, Orhaniye-Çınarlı, Kaymakoba-Çınarlı, Akköy-Dedeköy, Hasköy, Dedeköy-K. Yenice, Işıklı, Derek Aöy-Mirzaoba 70-kilometer area covering Kaymakoba-Mirzaoba and Akköy Cemetery Road was made. In Mudanya, approximately 42 million TL has been spent on transportation in the last 100 years with the supply of 570 thousand 5831 tons of quarry material, 8748 meters of curbs, 3407 meters of tread, 25 meters of auto railing, 540 thousand 17 square meters of parquet and 321 thousand 3 square meters of parquet flooring work.

Aesthetic touch to the beach

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Mudanya and Güzelyalı coastal band made it worthy of the region with its works in all areas from seating groups to green area arrangements. Within the scope of the work carried out by the Park and Gardens Department, 1.223 shrub plants, 41 trees, 42 thousand 843 flowers were planted and 650 square meters of rolled grass was laid. Also; The weeds in a total area of ​​16 thousand 600 square meters on the sides of the 35 thousand 920 meter road between Bademli junction and Mudanya district were regularly cleaned with scythes. Again, while the iron barges were renewed on the Mudanya beach, wire fences were laid around the amusement park. While water and food containers were placed at certain points for stray animals, similar studies were carried out on the Güzelyalı beach. In Mudanya, the ground concrete of the 9 lighting poles between the BUDO Pier and the Armistice Building was covered with wood, while the wood coatings of the concrete bench on the beach were repaired. Additional benches and litter boxes were placed on the coastal walkway. The concrete parts of the half-moon-shaped seating groups on both Mudanya and Güzelyalı beaches were divorced, giving an aesthetic appearance. An investment of approximately 564 thousand TL was made for the green areas maintenance works of Mudanya main artery and Güzelyalı coast and urban furniture. In addition, 15 million 700 thousand TL was spent on the coastal arrangement, Altınkum road repair, the breakthrough repairs in Güzelyalı and Burgaz and the construction of a wall next to the Simens factory.

Metropolitan signature everywhere

Metropolitan Municipality, which has made important investments in different areas from educational institutions to sports facilities in infrastructure works as well as in infrastructure, Göynüklü and Çekrice sports facilities, Göynüklü picnic area, enlargement of the city cemetery, Güzelyalı, Ömerbey, Yamanköy, Yörük Yenicesi and Çamlık Mahallesi cemetery maintenance Completed the maintenance and repair of the 3 Eylül primary school and the Tourism Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, the construction of animal shelters, the maintenance of the port area, the maintenance of the Mürsel Dede graveyard in the Mürseller district, and the repair of the Tahir Ağa bath. Kumyaka Hamam, Sinanbey Old Mosque Fountain and Dere Village Church relief, restitution, restoration and engineering application projects were prepared. The Çepni Neighborhood square arrangement and the construction of a teahouse and the Hasköy Batıkent cemetery project are also ongoing. The project works for the Mudanya underground car park and sports area, Mudanya - Güzelyalı stadium and BUSMEK Mudanya Course Center, which are planned to replace the stadium in the district center of Mudanya, continue. While an investment of approximately 12 million 27 thousand TL has been made for the works completed, ongoing and the projects prepared by the Department of Science, the face of Mudanya is changing day by day with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The bar for service goes higher

Stating that they consider Bursa as a whole with its 17 districts and 1058 neighborhoods and that they work day and night to maximize the quality of life in the city, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the service bar in Mudanya is getting higher day by day. Reminding that metropolitan facilities are also used in the best way in all districts, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have invested more than 130 million TL in only drinking water treatment plant and infrastructure investments in Mudanya. It is not possible to realize such an investment with the means of the district municipality. We receive very positive feedback from the services we provide in terms of both beach arrangement and transportation. People of Mudania see the services provided. Until today, we have not approached any of our districts from a political perspective in terms of service. "What matters to us is not which party owns the Mudanya Municipality, but to increase the comfort of life for people of Mudanya as much as possible."

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