Mersin Metro to Connect 4 Districts to Each Other

Mersin Metro to Connect 4 Districts to Each Other
Mersin Metro to Connect 4 Districts to Each Other

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer was the live broadcast guest of the program "From the Mediterranean to the Taurus", broadcast on TRT Çukurova Radio. Answering the questions of Seda Uslu Sarıoğlu in the program, Mayor Seçer gave information about the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality to ease the traffic of Mersin. Speaking about Mersin Metro, Mayor Seçer said, "We want to connect 4 districts, namely Mezitli, Yenişehir, Toroslar and the Mediterranean, to each other with iron networks in a short time."

A project that we can say well done

Stating that Mersin Metro will be a 3-stage study, Mayor Seçer said that rail systems with a capacity of over 30 thousand passengers are defined as Light Rail Systems. Seçer gave the following information about the route:

“Ours is the Light Rail System, but the Underground Light Rail System is the first stage. At this stage, the Mezitli point is the starting point. It starts in front of the old municipality and continues until the old bus station. It passes by the Train Station. Of course we end up underground and there at the old bus station. He exits on Sites, stops there. After that, the 2nd stage will continue. This first line is approximately 13.4 kilometers. Later, there will be a level-level rail system that will start from the 2nd stage, namely Siteler, and reach the City Hospital from Kurdali, Çağdaşkent, Mersinli Ahmet Caddesi. We also have a tram line. It is the current Kipa, from the junction on GMK, let's say the old Kipa Junction, from the point where the fairground is now to the University Hospital, from the University Hospital to the University. He makes such a ring from there, and it will be approximately 7 kilometers. A total of 29 kilometers of rail system we planned for Mersin in the first place. "

Stating that Mersin Metro will make important contributions to traffic, transportation and environmental cleanliness, Seçer gave examples of metro works in various countries. Seçer said, “Such an important investment for Mersin can be considered as a high-cost investment. But in recent history, not too long, you will see that after 5 years, I really consider it a project that we can say 'Thankfully done'. Good project, good project. Architecture is now very close to receiving an important award in engineering. Because Mersin Metro Project is one of the three finalist projects. In this sense, we think it is a valuable project and we think it will make important contributions to Mersin ”.

The fact that important companies apply to us shows that they have a positive perspective on Mersin.

Reminding that 28 companies applied for the pre-qualification tender of the metro, Seçer said, “Of course there are international companies. There are American companies, Russia, China, Spanish and Azeri. Turkey's deemed important, the claimants in this regard, there is some authority firms. This makes us happy. Of course, it shows in a way that his perspective towards Mersin is positive. It is a point of view to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality or that this project is a reasonable project, a realizable project, a good project, and important companies apply to us. In the coming days, the first pre-qualification tender will be completed and the price offer tender will be held. It will take a few months. Then, of course, if there is no legal problem, if there is no objection, the tender is concluded within a few months and the site is delivered, the contractor firm starts the construction. We continue to work on this, ”he said.

We want to connect 4 districts to each other with iron nets in a short time.

Stating that he believes in the Metro Project and sees it as an important investment, Seçer emphasized that the construction period is 4 years and the option period is 2 years. Stating that they will prevent traffic on some routes with the on-and-off system while the 13.4-kilometer 1st stage works continue, Seçer said that these works will be carried out in a planned and scheduled manner. Seçer said, “Perhaps while these works are ongoing, we will carry out the works and the construction tenders of both the 2nd stage and the 3rd stage, which we call the tram line. We want to connect 4 districts of Mersin center, Mezitli, Yenişehir, Toroslar and Akdeniz, with iron networks in a short time, ”he said. Seçer stated that after the completion of the first stage, this project can be expanded to other neighboring districts.

We will finish the construction of Forum Multi-Storey Interchange in January

Stating that there will be a 4th Ring Road works in Yenişehir Region, Seçer said, “It will start in Yenişehir region. We are now accelerating the work of the 1,5th Ring Road in the first phase of 4 kilometers, which will start from the Yenişehir district of the Müftü Stream and continue until the University. As of the weekend, a multi-storey intersection work was carried out on the 2nd Ring Road, which we call the Forum Junction, at that intersection, which is a heavy traffic area. It is now closed to traffic. He also said that after completing the Forum Interchange, we will finish this construction in January ”. He also talked about the contribution crossroads to be carried out at Seçer, Göçmen, Kipa and other intersections.

We will try to create a new highway, a route parallel to the railway line between Mersin and Adana.

Stating that they will try to create a parallel route to the railway line between Mersin and Adana, Seçer said, “Again, our friends working in the Organized Industrial Zone, factory owners, employers and workers there are intense demand from us, especially in the morning hours, they spend a lot of time in their workplaces. . Tarsus, Mersin Organized Industrial Zone, as you know, Huzurkent Region has a distance of approximately 15 kilometers to Mersin center. But when you look at it in hours, you can get there in a period of 60-70 kilometers. Traffic is heavy in the morning. There, as soon as the 2st Stage 1/5000 scaled plan studies of the Akdeniz District are realized, we are making great efforts in this regard. With the implementation plans, we will try to create a parallel route to the railway line between Mersin and Adana, a new highway. "I think this will be an important work to ease the traffic of Mersin."

Map of Mersin Metro


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