Mersin Gaziantep High Speed ​​Line Covers All Southeastern Anatolia

Mersin Gaziantep High Speed ​​Line Covers All Southeastern Anatolia
Mersin Gaziantep High Speed ​​Line Covers All Southeastern Anatolia

Evaluating the high-speed train line between Mersin and Gaziantep, whose tender process was finalized, MTSO Chairman Ayhan Kızıltan emphasized that this line should include the entire Southeastern Anatolia, including Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır. Stating that they are waiting for the work to start as soon as possible, Kızıltan said, “We should not talk that the tenders are made anymore, but that this facility is ending and the opening is being made today. We expect the project to be implemented as soon as possible ”.

Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) Chairman Ayhan Kızıltan evaluated the tender for the High Speed ​​Train Line between Mersin and Gaziantep, which was announced to be concluded by Lütfi Elvan, the Chairman of the Parliament's Planning and Budget Committee. Noting that this tender will enliven the economy on the one hand and contribute to the region in social terms on the other, Kızıltan said that their expectation is that the line will cover all the Southeastern Anatolian provinces. After Lütfi Elvan announced from his social media accounts that the tender for the Mersin - Adana - Gaziantep High Speed ​​Line of 311 km took place, and when the line of 6,8 billion TL is completed, it will be easier and more comfortable to reach Mersin from Gaziantep at 200 kilometers per hour, President Kızıltan said: made the assessment:

“The conclusion of this tender is very good news for our region. As I always say, Mersin is a city that serves not only itself but also its hinterland, the surrounding production regions, and even the countries in its hinterland. It has great services to its surroundings in terms of logistics. Railway transportation also reaches Gaziantep. It will enable the products of the production regions in Southeastern Anatolia gathered in Gaziantep to be delivered to our port in a much shorter time and at low cost. From here, products will reach international markets in a short time with competitive prices and foreign trade will increase. This is its biggest advantage economically. Of course, it will provide significant convenience in passenger transportation. The road, which takes 3 hours and 24 minutes today, will be reduced to 1,5 hours when the tender is completed. If a person from Mersin works in Gaziantep, he can get on the train at 6.00 and be in Gaziantep at 7.30 and be at his job at 8.00. It will be a fast and comfortable transportation as if going from a different neighborhood to a different neighborhood in the city. "

"Mersin will turn into a logistics city where all transport modes are strong"

Emphasizing that they expect this line to be expanded, he drew attention to the importance of covering all Southeastern Anatolian provinces such as Kızıltan, Hatay, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Adıyaman, Siirt, and Mardin. Stating that this line will not only improve the economy, but also increase cultural relations, Kızıltan said, “It will enable the cultural cohesion in those regions to be formed more clearly. As the distances of our cities get closer, they will also contribute to each other in cultural terms ”.

However, Kızıltan stated that it is of great importance to complete the investment without wasting time and said: “If it is up to us, we would like this line to be completed within a year, but I do not know how long the specification stipulates. Once the contract is signed, the contractor will start as soon as possible. Our expectation is to end in 1-2 years. There are many investments that have been made the right decision and planned in Çukurova. High speed train is one of them. There is also an investment of Çukurova International Airport. These are interconnected investments. The high-speed train will also have entrance and exit to the airport. Thus, Mersin will become an important center in sea, land, railway and airline. "

"We want to talk that the investments are over now"

Noting that as Mersin, they no longer want to talk about 'investments will be made', but also that they want to talk about the end of the investments, Mayor Kızıltan said, “We should talk that this facility is now finished, and it will be put into service by opening it today. The tender was made, of course, we thank you, but the tender for Çukurova Airport was also made. Investments should be implemented as soon as possible. Çukurova cannot afford to wait. If these investments are finished, the regional economy and the city economy will also be affected. kazanwill,” he said.

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