Malatya Switches to HES Code Application in Public Transportation

Malatya Switches to HES Code Application in Public Transportation
Malatya Switches to HES Code Application in Public Transportation

With the circular sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the governorships of 81 provinces, it was stated that the necessary integration between the card systems used in urban public transportation vehicles and the HEPP application of the Ministry of Health will be implemented.

According to the circular, personal travel cards of people with positive diagnosis of COVID-19 or with contact will be automatically suspended during the isolation period. The sick or contact person will thus not be able to use public transport. Administrative sanctions will be imposed on those detected to be used. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ took action in line with this circular and started its works for the integration of HES Code to travel cards used in public transportation vehicles in Malatya.

In his statement, MOTAŞ General Manager Cemal Erkoç gave the following information; “In the last circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the obligation of HEPP application in public transportation was imposed. In the HES application, when our citizens who use public transportation vehicles have their vehicle boarding cards read by the validator, it will be clear who got on the vehicle. The system here will be directly connected with the system of the Ministry of Health, and the HES code will be questioned whether our citizen is carrying the Covid virus, and accordingly, the availability of public transportation will be determined, and the necessary measures will be taken by notifying the relevant health units or law enforcement officers.

We initiated the necessary regulations by MOTAŞ to ensure the necessary integration with the Ministry of Health. In Malatya, we currently have 650 thousand citizens using public transport cards. 300 thousand of them are cards with personal information in accordance with the current circular. Our citizens with this card can go to MOTAŞ website ( is) or By entering the page, they will be able to define the HES code for their cards by filling in the card number and personal information in the relevant fields. The remaining non-personalized "Malatya Card" holders, on the other hand, will be able to both personalize their cards and define their HES codes by logging into the same websites.

For our citizens who cannot personalize their cards over the internet or cannot define their HEPP code, our friends at the station center stop, Çilesiz center stop, Research stop and Grand Bazaar card information centers will serve our citizens.

Our request is to convert Malatya Kart vehicle boarding passes, which do not have personal information, into personalized cards until 20 November 2020, and to define HES codes on their personalized cards, so that our citizens do not experience difficulties in transportation and face some restrictions.


Günceleme: 28/10/2020 13:16

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