Izmir Earthquake Current Situation 24 Loss of Life, 804 Injured

Izmir Earthquake Current Situation 24 Loss of Life, 804 Injured
Izmir Earthquake Current Situation 24 Loss of Life, 804 Injured

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyergave information about the ongoing search and rescue efforts after the earthquake and the support for earthquake victims in a live broadcast. Stating that efforts are underway to remove around 180 citizens from the rubble, Soyer said that all necessary support is provided for those who spend the night outside.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who answered İlker Karagöz's questions on Fox TV live broadcast Tunç Soyer“As of now, we have 24 casualties and 804 injured. Nearly 200 are seriously injured. According to the assessment made by AFAD teams, we have around 180 citizens under the debris. Meanwhile, we receive many miraculous news. Rescue teams work very professionally. There are many rescue teams from the surrounding provinces. We are keeping our hope and we are looking forward to our citizens who will come alive under the rubble.”

Food and shelter support for outsiders

Expressing that they warned against entering the damaged buildings, Soyer said: “This of course meant thousands of people to spend the night outside. For this reason, we continued to distribute food throughout the night. We set up many tents in parks, green areas and squares. We delivered mobile toilets. We placed our citizens in some dormitories with the coordination of AFAD. We have deployed the city buses around the parks as a shelter against rain and cold. It was a troubled and difficult night, no doubt. Our metropolitan municipality continued its efforts to meet the needs of our citizens with all its units and employees. As of the morning, we distribute tea, boyoz, cereal to meet the needs of those who spend the night outside. "

Earthquake workshop will be held

Underlining that no part of Turkey is ready for an earthquake, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer He continued as follows: “There was a very rough and rapid urbanization. By destroying our nature, our agricultural lands, we were spectators to this brutal concretization. It is not possible to talk about such a preparation in any city. However, in such a severe earthquake, there could have been much more severe destruction, a great destruction. It is also worth noting that. Last month, we established an Earthquake Department within the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We also started to work to question İzmir's preparedness for an earthquake. But next week, we will invite as many scientists as we have about the earthquake in Turkey, and we will organize a workshop that discusses both the structural problem of Izmir, the earthquake faults of Izmir and the preparations to be made against the earthquake. We will describe all of them one by one, what needs to be accounted for, who needs to do what. I would like to announce to the scientists in Turkey that we are planning such a workshop next week.

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