Agenda at İEKKK Swimming Bay and Alsancak

Agenda at İEKKK Swimming Bay and Alsancak
Agenda at İEKKK Swimming Bay and Alsancak

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerspoke about the goal of “swimming Gulf” at the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board meeting held online due to coronavirus measures. President Soyer said, “For the first time this year, a beach in Güzelbahçe in the middle Gulf has received a blue flag.”

At the 93rd meeting of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board (İEKKK), which was established under the leadership of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and where representatives of institutions and organizations that have an active role in the city participated as members, Alsancak's problems and future perspective were discussed with the goal of "swimmable Gulf".

The meeting started with the presentation of İZSU General Directorate Körfez Branch Manager Selçuk Dündar. Dündar explained the improvement experienced in the swampy Izmir Bay with the Grand Canal Project, which was put into operation in 2000. Underlining that they are struggling with the pollution sources coming to the Gulf and focusing on rainwater separation projects, Dündar noted that the streams are regularly cleaned and the water quality in the Gulf is constantly observed. Saying that they developed the Grand Canal Project according to the increasing population and that they will increase the capacity of the advanced biological wastewater treatment plants in Güzelbahçe and Çiğli, Dündar stated that the quality of the effluent from the treatments in İzmir is also high. Dündar pointed out that the clarity rate in the bay has improved up to four times compared to 2002.

Karşıyaka and we will raise the blue flag in Karataş

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said that İzmir is the leading city with the amount of wastewater treated per capita and the number of advanced biological wastewater treatment plants. Tunç Soyer“These works have been carried out with the means of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and will continue to do so. We are focused on efforts to prevent pollution of the Gulf. In addition to the bottom cleaning works at the creek mouths, our rain water separation works continue intensively. For the first time this year, a beach in Güzelbahçe, in the middle Gulf, received a blue flag. You know, the blue flag is an international environmental award. Evaluation is made on the basis of cleanliness, hygiene, safety and sea cleanliness criteria. I wish that this is the result of steady work Karşıyaka and in Karataş, we will raise the blue flag in the coming years ”.

We will stop the pollution flow to the Gulf

Responding to the question of the Chairman of the Izmir Commodity Exchange, Barış Kocagöz, about the reason for abandoning the circulation channel in the Gulf, Chairman Soyer said, “The work on bottom cleaning will continue to increase, but opening the channel is not a process that ends with opening the channel. It is a process that requires giant pumps and engines to be placed at the Gulf outlet to ensure the circulation of sea water. We thought it would be insufficient no matter what scale you do. We will give our priority not to pollute by preventing the pollution coming to the Gulf by dredging the bottom in accordance with the flow of nature. Because the Gulf will renew itself with its own circulation and bottom waves if we do not pollute it ”.

President Soyer stated that they have started the production of rainwater channels to separate the combined working rainwater and canal system, and that the project work of the 385-kilometer-long rainwater line is about to be completed, thus preventing the pollution flowing into the Gulf to a great extent.

Marina is indispensable for the Bay

Speaking of board members Karşıyaka President Soyer said: “We look forward to the days when the gulf will be lively and colorful. Little is left. We took over Levent Marina. We take one small step there. Preparations are about to finish. We started an initiative with the Izmir Chamber of Commerce to use the breakwater as a marina. The necessary negotiations in Ankara continue under the leadership of our Izmir Chamber of Commerce. We hope we can use this place as a marina for sailboats. Marina is indispensable for the Bay. If this is not possible, we will find other solutions ”.

Businessperson Kemal Çolakoğlu, one of the board members, is a member of the Naval Forces Command. KarşıyakaHe stated that the shipyard in Turkey can be moved to Aliağa, and the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board can work on this issue.

Karşıyaka We are bidding for underpass

93. In İEKKK, the opinions of the Alsancak Committee, which was formed regarding the plans and activities of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality regarding Alsancak, especially transportation, traffic and parking, were given. Speaking on behalf of the committee, Kemal Çolakoğlu pointed out that Alsancak should be made pedestrianized by building underground parking lots and said that the project prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality should be implemented in order to take the traffic underground in front of Alsancak Station. Stating that they are working resolutely to underground the traffic in front of Alsancak Station and to organize a square of nearly 15 thousand square meters on it, Mayor Soyer said, “We had some unforeseen troubles. We are also working towards a solution to this. We are not giving up. Karşıyaka We are going to a tender for the underpass that will connect the bazaar with the pier. so Karşıyaka The axis coming from the bazaar is by the sea, by the sea Karşıyaka We will find the opportunity to meet the Bazaar, ”he said.

Union of forces for Izmir

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of IEKKK Sıtkı Şükürer expressed his condolences and patience to the relatives of the deceased board member Türk-İş Aegean Region Representative Süleyman Yıldırım. Şükürer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerReferring to the presentation of . This vision emphasizes agriculture, non-polluting, nature-friendly, qualified industry and service sector. He dreams of a prosperous, sharing, polyphonic, democratic İzmir. He is helping us to do this together. He also demands cooperation from the members of the Board for such an Izmir.”

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