IMM Fulfilled the Trouble Between IETT Driver and Female Passengers

IMM Performed the Requirement for the Fight Between IETT Driver and Female Passengers
IMM Performed the Requirement for the Fight Between IETT Driver and Female Passengers

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), KadıköyHe made a statement regarding the allegation that the IETT driver broke the nose of the female passenger, whom he argued with.

In the statement made by the IMM; “As IMM, it was necessary to make a statement about the quarrel between a female passenger and a bus driver on Tuesday, September 29, which saddened our institution.

Kadıköy In the platform area, on Tuesday, 29 September, a distressing clash between a female passenger and the bus driver of the bus was reported.

According to the statements reflected on social media today; It was stated that the nose of our female passenger was broken by the driver during this fight.

The investigation process was started immediately on the subject.

According to the driver's statements; The female passenger who did not print her Istanbul Card during the journey was warned by herself. Our passenger, sitting in the seats just behind the driver's station, stated that he would issue his card.

Again, according to the driver's description, when we reached the last stop, our female passenger got off the middle door and walked. The driver went right after him and reminded the passenger that he did not print a card. In the words of the driver, she was attacked with a kick and a slap by our female passenger.

Both the report that the driver receives by going to the hospital after the incident and the statements of the field officials on the platform contain statements supporting the driver.

Despite these statements of the driver and field officials, the issue is being investigated meticulously and in all aspects. The investigation will be concluded after the camera images of both the vehicle interior and the platform area are examined.

We do not allow anyone working within the organization to attack our passengers. If the allegations of our female passengers are true, we would like to inform you that the necessary action will be taken. it was said


In line with the statement made yesterday and understanding of responsibility, IMM will be on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Kadıköy After the conflict between a driver and a female passenger, he gave a new information on IETT platforms.

“In yesterday's statement, we stated that the incident was investigated in all aspects. Within this framework, the relevant units and managers carried out a fast and meticulous work. According to the first information obtained; It was determined that the bus AŞ driver warned the female passenger who did not print his Istanbul Card when he got on the bus. When it came to the last stop, it was seen that the driver followed the female passenger who got out from the middle door of the bus and warned him in the platform area, and there was a scuffle.

As a result of ongoing investigation, camera recordings of the crime scene were accessed. The images obtained were immediately examined. In the images; it was observed that the driver grabbed the female passenger, who was walking with his back turned, by the shoulder, and then the passenger responded by kicking this action.

On behalf of our institution, we find it unacceptable for the driver to adopt this attitude instead of staying on the defensive or retreating. It is unacceptable that one of our staff intervenes with a woman through physical contact. The fact that our female passengers show reflexes and respond physically does not change this principle. Also, as seen from the images, the response of the driver to the female passenger is beyond measure. This violence cannot be accepted in any way. Necessary action will be taken about the driver of Bus AŞ. "

Günceleme: 12/11/2020 18:03

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