Historical Demirtaşpaşa Mansions Get Their First Day Glory

Towards the End at Demirtaşpaşa Mansions
Towards the End at Demirtaşpaşa Mansions

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to transform Bursa into an open-air museum by reviving all historical and cultural heritage from the Bitinya period to the present day, brings Demirtaşpaşa Konakları opposite to Demirtaşpaşa Bath to the glory of the first day.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which reveals the history of Bursa with restorations in all areas from the 8500-year-old Archeopark to the 2300-year-old Bitinya walls, from the 700-year-old Ottoman artifacts to the Republican period civil architecture structures within the scope of historical and cultural heritage studies, 3 examples of civil architecture on İnönü Street, where the city traffic is the most intense raises the structure. In Demirtaşpaşa Neighborhood, 3 examples of civil architecture, which are located right across from the historical Demirtaşpaşa Bath and became unusable due to neglect, have come to an end in the ongoing restoration work. With the restoration carried out in line with the projects approved by the Bursa Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board, the buildings consisting of basement, ground and 1 floor took their first day. Within the scope of the work, the wall, plaster, roof and plumbing infrastructure of the additions to be used as kitchen, toilet and plumbing rooms in the gardens of all three buildings were completed. After the completion of wooden ceiling, stairs, door and ceramic manufacturing and electrical - mechanical installation processes, the buildings will be opened for use.

Finding its value in history

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the historical mansions, where the works are now in the final stage, add a great value to the region already. Stating that they have determined the new route of Bursa as tourism and that one of the biggest trump cards in tourism is the historical and cultural heritage, Mayor Aktaş said, “Although the Historical Bazaar and Hanlar Region includes Tophane, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs and the Hisar Region. Although the area seems to have focused on the 'island of history' project, we are rapidly continuing our historical heritage projects that concern the whole of Bursa. Demirtaşpaşa Mansions is one of these projects. These civil architecture buildings, one of which belongs to Somuncu Baba Foundation and the other two belong to us, opposite the historical Demirtaşpaşa Bath, did not suit our Bursa with their ruined images. We have reached the final stage in the studies. "Good luck to Bursa already".

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