Ford Trucks After Sales Campaigns Continue

Ford Trucks After Sales Campaigns Continue
Ford Trucks After Sales Campaigns Continue

Ford Otosan's heavy commercial brand Ford Trucks continues to offer advantageous campaigns for its customers who want their vehicles ready for winter.

Ford Trucks, which says 'with every load', launches the '' Winter Campaigns '' valid for all models between October 13 and December 31, as part of the campaign, customers have the opportunity to change their vehicles AdBlue, Antifreeze and wiper blades at advantageous prices.

Up to 50% discounts are offered with the gearbox and differential campaign

In addition, Ford Trucks offers its customers a discount of up to 1% on certain original spare parts for the gearbox between November 31st and December 50st. At the same time, within the scope of the differential campaign for Ford Trucks construction series vehicles between October 13 and December 31, there is an opportunity of up to 4142% discount on certain differential parts specific to Ford Trucks 3542D and 50D vehicles.

After Sales Campaigns of Ford Trucks continue until the end of 2020

In addition to its new campaigns, Ford Trucks continues its after-sales campaigns that it has started since the beginning of 2020. In this context; offers the 'Eco Service Campaign' for all vehicles whose warranty expired, the 'Press Brake Campaign' for road series and construction series vehicles, and 'Brake Disc and Brake Campaigns' for tow series and road series vehicles. If Ford Trucks is exclusive to 1846T and E6 series vehicles, the 'Engine Revision Campaign' continues.


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