Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine Warning for Heart Patients!

Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine Warning for Heart Patients!
Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine Warning for Heart Patients!

Pneumonia and flu are common microbial diseases and are more severe in people over 65 years of age with chronic diseases. Flu and pneumonia, which increases in autumn and winter, can cause serious consequences, especially for heart patients.

Drawing attention to the fact that protection from infectious diseases is more important than ever this year, when we are struggling with coronavirus, Biruni University Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Ulaş Notifier, “People with chronic diseases, individuals over 65 and especially heart patients suffer from flu and pneumonia infections more severely and may experience problems that can lead to heart attacks. In these patients, when the vaccine is used properly, it can be an important preventive. " found warning.

Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Ulaş declarer “Infectious diseases such as flu and pneumonia may cause the dysfunction of blood vessels and blood pressure disorders. Especially in people with cardiovascular disease or at risk for heart disease; "Fluid losses, increases in heart rate due to high fever, changes in blood pressure during infection, and inflammation caused by viruses can increase the risk of sudden heart attack."
Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Ulaş Notifier drew attention to the importance of the vaccine in the protection of heart health and gave information about the prevention methods from heart diseases.

Who should be given the pneumonia and flu vaccine?

Pneumonia vaccine (pneumococ); It is a vaccine against a bacterium called Streptococcus pneumoniae. This microbe settles in the respiratory tract and causes conditions such as pneumonia, meningitis and blood poisoning, which we call sepsis. Life-threatening consequences may occur in patients with heart disease, infants and individuals over the age of 65, compared to healthy individuals. Likewise, people with heart or lung diseases, diabetics, cirrhosis patients and people who use alcohol or cigarettes experience more severe disease. Therefore, vaccination of individuals with heart disease can reduce the risk of heart attack and heart related death.

Flu is also one of the most common microbial diseases. Individuals with the flu have an increased risk of heart attack and death from heart disease. The flu shot can reduce the risk of developing a heart attack and death from a heart attack.

Therefore, it is necessary and important for individuals with heart disease to be vaccinated.

When should the pneumonia and flu vaccine be given?

Pneumonia vaccine is administered against two different types of bacteria (PCV13 and PPSV23). When applied once (PCV13) to heart patients, it has a lifelong protection. PPSV23 vaccine is given one year after this vaccine and should be repeated afterwards. The flu vaccine, on the other hand, should be repeated every year as the type of virus changes. While pneumonia can be done at any time of the year, it is suitable for the flu shot from September to November.

Will pneumonia and flu vaccine protect from coronavirus?

Pneumonia and flu vaccine is not effective against corona virus. However, some of the coronavirus patients experience severe illness due to pneumonia or flu that develops during or after the illness and cause deaths in some patients. In this respect, it is important that individuals at risk of disease are vaccinated. Therefore, it also reduces the risk of death. Since coronavirus, pneumonia and flu can cause serious problems in heart patients, the use of vaccines is recommended in heart patients. The use of vaccines in these patients helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and death from disease. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that vaccination is a part of treatment, especially in chronic heart diseases.

Social distance, masks and personal hygiene measures are indispensable.

Social distance, use of masks and hand hygiene are preventive measures that should be applied at all times in preventing infectious diseases for heart patients. However, in the coronavirus agenda, cardiac patients should follow the isolation rules and apply protective measures meticulously.

Foods rich in fiber strengthen immunity

Consuming high-fiber foods such as beans, chickpeas, green vegetables helps strengthen the immune system. When taken regularly, it helps reduce respiratory allergies and is very useful for heart health.

Consume regular flu and pneumonia fighter garlic

Studies have shown that if it is consumed regularly, it strengthens the immune system. Garlic makes infections such as flu and pneumonia progress milder.

Protect your heart health with regular fruit consumption

Regular consumption of fruit protects both the immune system and heart health. Fibrous fruits with low sugar content should be preferred. Fruits such as peach, orange, avocado, strawberry and lemon can be preferred.

Regular exercise strengthens the heart

Regular physical activity is important to prevent heart disease. Especially outdoors walks strengthen the heart vessels, regulate blood pressure and help control weight. Outdoor exercises should be done by paying attention to the isolation rules, choosing appropriate clothes for the season, and walking should be kept short in cold and windy weather or should be done in a home environment.

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