EGİADDigital Transformation

EGİADDigital Transformation
EGİADDigital Transformation

Through digitalization, NGOs can raise awareness about their fields of work at national and international level. NGOs that quickly switch to online applications as the coronavirus epidemic affected the whole world; They had the chance to continue their training, seminar, meeting and similar activities. Those who could not go to the field in this process were able to share their awareness studies with the public via digital communication. In short, the biggest helper of the sustainability and development of NGOs today has been their ability to achieve digital transformation. EGİADD2 Project, one of the projects of this period and shown as the biggest step in the digitalization of the institution, was also completed and implemented within this framework. With D2 designed as iOS and Android via Mobile Application EGİAD its members were automatically connected with each other over the digital network. In this context, every activity carried out by the institution can be followed digitally, and transactions such as recording and secretariat have been transferred to digital.

Integrating the indispensable digitalization of the new age into its entire structure EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association introduced D2 to its members in a meeting. Acting with the aim of meeting the increasing customer expectations for its members, to be able to exist with higher quality products in the market, to get ahead in increasing competition, to survive with decreasing profitability, to gain fast data analysis ability, to eliminate human errors. EGİADhas implemented the greatest equipment an NGO can win. The institution, which started the pioneering movement in digitalization as a non-governmental organization, managed to unite its members in a single network with the first application that was implemented. The business organization has completed its first preparation for the new world order with its technological investments, renewed infrastructure systems, and software infrastructure developed in its digital transformation journey.

EGİADPioneer in Digital Transformation with D2 Project

Delivering the opening speech of the launch EGİAD Chairman Mustafa Aslan, in the Aegean region, including all communications with members and stakeholders in Turkey stating that they transfer the digital platform, "we remain indifferent to the Non Governmental Organization, we completed our investments in technology and digitalization. The development and spread of technology in our age is an undeniable fact. The effects of technology can be seen in almost every area of ​​life. With the new habits, new jobs and new lives brought about by digitalization, it has been realized that both individuals and organizations are not independent from digital life. The situation does not change for NGOs either. Automation, interaction, data analysis and monitoring EGİAD D2 will continue to lead the way in digital transformation among CSOs today and in the near future. As the business world, we are currently in the middle of a very strong change. Digitalization, mobilization, communication, competition and timing have taken their place as the most important arguments. In these days when science fiction has become reality, we all have to complete our digital preparations as they should be ”.

Nearly 90 Events in Pandemic Thanks to Digital Transformation

Aslan stated that thanks to the digital process initiated before Covid-19, they managed to carry out nearly 90 events in the pandemic. EGİAD Its head is Aslan, EGİAD Stating that as the D2 Project, many steps are automatically implemented such as increasing the participation of existing members in events, gaining new members, and realizing trade between members, “Digital transformation, EGİAD From a perspective, it includes the increasing use of technology by all our stakeholders, including our members, employees and solution partners, digitalization of association assets, differentiation in leadership and management, and supporting creativity. In this context EGİADThe assignment, information exchange and execution processes between the Board, commissions and executive boards will be shared digitally. EGİADIt will be ensured that the activities carried out by will be published in a virtual environment and that these activities allow interactive participation such as questions and answers. Within the scope of the project, with the feedback of members, it will be made to actively serve the trade between members and other NGOs ”.

Online Services Provided Through D2

In the events that will be held with QR-Code control, participation tracking on member basis, occupancy rates, collection reports, registration-participation percentages, periodic activity reports, member and participant proportional statistics, minutes and reports, participation notifications, attendance reports, membership applications, EGİADBenefits of being a member of Turkey, promotions, privileges, news and announcement sharing, announcements of social responsibility projects, company and sectoral promotion of members, creating an e-commerce bridge for members, providing financial infrastructure services, debt inquiry, dues payment services, technological infrastructure and cloud services can be seen as.



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