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Online Therapy
Online Therapy

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Depression is defined as a disease that occurs in a person's brain and affects the brain. It can occur due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Depression is a disorder that must be overcome with the help of a specialist. Therefore, it is impossible for people to overcome this disease alone. As you can solve by going to the clinic with an expert support, if you do not have time or opportunity online therapy You can also solve it with the help. In online therapies, you can treat depression without time and place limits. Especially in treating mild depression online therapy their effects are higher. In this way, you can have a much more efficient treatment process. In online therapy Although everything is like in the clinic, the only difference is that the communication is provided via the internet.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

Depression can present symptoms in a variety of ways. However, there is a point to be stated here. It would be better if you do not decide on these symptoms yourself. Diagnosis and diagnosis with the support of a specialist will be more beneficial in the following process. Depression symptoms are as follows.

  • The first symptom observed in people with depressive behavior is pessimism. The person may be in pessimistic thoughts about their life.
  • Another symptom is that the thought content is pessimistic.
  • Feelings such as hopelessness and helplessness may accompany depression symptoms.
  • Lack of pleasure in life, loss of interest in daily life issues, etc.
  • The feeling of emptiness, though everything is meaningless, is also a symptom of depression.
  • Anxiety and fears are also symptoms that accompany depression.
  • Losing future goals with loss of motivation.
  • Feelings of regret, thoughts about the past are symptoms of depression.
  • Increased susceptibility is also one of the symptoms of depression.
  • Negative thoughts about the future, feeling lonely, these are all signs of depression.
  • Slowness of speech with slowing down of thinking.
  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Suicidal thoughts may accompany depression in severe depression.

However, it is worth repeating. Although you may see these symptoms yourself, you may not be depressed. At this point, it will be healthy to evaluate these symptoms with the help of an expert before making a self-diagnosis.

Depression Treatment

Depression treatment can take place in two ways, with or without medication. The decision on this matter belongs to your doctor. Your doctor will adopt a type of treatment based on the level of your depression. Treatment can be done face to face or through online therapy. Or if you are in the province of Izmir, on our site İzmir psychologist You can list the best psychologists in Izmir by searching by. In this way, you can read the comments of different people and increase productivity. On the other hand, despite seeing the symptoms of depression yourself, you may not be depressed. Therefore, the relevant symptoms must be diagnosed and diagnosed by a doctor. You should not adopt a treatment method yourself. In this way, you can overcome depression in a healthier and faster way. Using medications as recommended by your doctor in medicated treatment method is also one of the conditions of progress in treatment.

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