Raw Milk Support Premiums Paying 3 Months Early

Raw Milk Support Premium is Taken 3 Months Early
Raw Milk Support Premium is Taken 3 Months Early

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli announced that the payment of raw milk support premiums will be reduced 3 months earlier.

Minister Pakdemirli; “Raw milk is an issue that concerns a serious amount of people, especially an issue where we need to protect our self-sufficiency in terms of sustainability. Last year, on November 15, 2019, we discussed it at the food committee for a recommendation price of 2.30 lira and forwarded it to the national milk council. It created great satisfaction in this field as well. 1.50 grams of feed could be obtained for a kilogram of milk. This ratio of exactly 50 was perhaps one of the most important supports given to milk producers in the history of the Republic. Because at the national milk council, everybody in the producers accepts a ratio of 30 to a kilogram and at 1,30 they talk about the profit. Unfortunately, with the recent pandemic, both the increase in exchange rates and the increase in commodity prices in the world, the costs of our milk producer inevitably increased. Demand increased in this regard. We normally meet this. However, when we are slightly delayed in responding to this demand, our manufacturer is very impatient in this regard. I want them to have a little patience so I will give a figure like this. In the first 2020 months of 6, the average of palite was 1.35 above 1.30, 5 when we first announced, and despite the cost increase, it was around 1.50 in the first 10 months. We gave such support to the milk council. Let's remove the support for 1.28 cents so that the price does not increase yet, there is 40 cents in support. Upon the high demand, we had an initiative to bring this 40 kuruş support earlier. We adjusted the money and budget for this. Because when we announced 40 cents, there was a question mark on the manufacturer. OK, 40 cents, but when will it be paid, it will be paid now. We will reduce the 40 kurush raw milk support premium 40 months earlier for the months of July, August and September. We will start paying July and August immediately. As soon as possible, we will be discussing the current milk price in January 3 in the food committee. We will have it in December at the latest. We also forward to the National Dairy Council as the recommendation of the Food Committee. Here I repeat that our farmer is the crown of our producer. Let them know that we are troubled by them. I would like to remind you that the same food committee supports our producer with a ratio of 2021 when we are comfortable. He said, "It will be on the agenda of the food committee again in the near future."

Minister Pakdemirli emphasized that agriculture is an issue that should be emphasized; “Agriculture is as much talked about as football. The main feed in agriculture is seed. Of course, seed is one of the most talked about topics in our country. A bit of an injustice. certified production in Turkey increased to 150 million 1 thousand tons from 150 thousand tons in 1 and put 500 million 2023 thousand tons. There are, of course, foreign companies. Out of roughly 900 firms, 860 are domestic, 20 are foreign and 20 are domestic and foreign. Let's say you have 100 decares of land in the field, 96 of which use local seeds. We had import dependency on vegetable seeds. With the project we started with TÜBİTAK last year, we took serious steps regarding vegetable seeds. We have taken good steps regarding this. A country in the top ten in seed production. Turkey is a country which sets 2023 target. All goals have to be in the top 10. While we are talking about agriculture-related issues from morning to night, we should know some numbers. We are not back in any way here, but we have to endeavor to become a country that produces more technology, dives deeper and sells its seeds to the countries around it more. Today, we export our seeds to 86 countries ”.


Explaining the work done as a ministry during the pandemic process, Minister Pakdemirli said, “There was an area that needed to be managed. We need to manage consumer psychology. There is actually no problem with food in the world. More is also produced. Shelves remained empty from needle to thread, as many countries could not manage consumer psychology. It did not remain on the shelves, including cosmetic products from needle to thread. Psychology was not managed correctly here, there were two main points for this. It would be when our citizen, who was unavoidably closed at home, wanted to do more shopping. We detected this and saw it from other countries. This had to be managed. Secondly, in this shopping situation, our citizens had to find products on the shelves when they went. For this, we talked to the food industry and said increase your production. We talked to the retail industry. We talked to the logistics sector and we said that you will carry out much more transportation. They gave a good test in all sectors. We did not feel any emptiness on the shelves with our strong agricultural infrastructure. The background of the business in agriculture is that when we said everyone should stay at home, we said that the stakeholders of agriculture cannot live at home, we ask our farmers for a diplomatic passport each. Our farmer would continue his production while everyone was sitting at home. At first, the institutions did not approve of this, but we convinced our ministers to sit down. It turned out that we did something right, that agriculture grew by 4 percent in the second quarter. This means that the truths have been made. He said, "There was no problem in this whole chain as it was not broken."


Stating that the work related to feed was also carried out, Minister Pakdemirli said, “We are working on feed. Of course, with the aim of supporting the breeder and the producer here. In particular, I gave an instruction to the Turkish Grain Board. They haven't finished the work yet. Our colleagues are working on the allocation of feed to the fattening breeder from the Turkish Grain Board and the allocation of feed raw materials. Of course, in the meantime, with the increase in foreign currency and commodity prices, the costs here increase. With the increase of these costs, the Ministry of Commerce took measures with our warning. The cost is constantly increasing, it has been a matter of revising the customs taxes and resetting the customs taxes in many items for a certain period of time. A drastic change was made last week. Thus, the main goal was to make an effort to keep the increasing costs in place and to be fixed in a certain place. In order to support the fattening producer side in particular, our land crops office is in such a work, and we share it with the public when they are finished ".

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