Boztepe Almost Became Ordu's Guest Room

Boztepe Almost Became Ordu's Guest Room
Boztepe Almost Became Ordu's Guest Room

📩 19/10/2020 14:46

Boztepe, which is the center of attention of tourists with its renewed face as a result of the work carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, has become the 'guest room of Ordu'.

Boztepe, which is located in Altınordu district of Ordu and is one of the important tourism attractions of the city, gained a completely different appearance with the project prepared in line with the needs of the people and modern. The work carried out in Boztepe, which hosts thousands of local and foreign visitors with its renewed face, received full marks from the citizens.


Stating that Boztepe gained an appearance that suits Ordu with the work carried out, the citizens said, “Since the vehicles do not enter, pedestrians can now shop comfortably. This is Ordu's apple of the eye. The services provided have been very good in all aspects. The works also changed the face of Boztepe and became worthy of Ordu. We thank our municipality for its services. We invite everyone to come and see the beauties of our Army ”.


While 7 sales kiosks were implemented on the axle created within the scope of Boztepe Sales Units and Landscape Arrangement Project, which was implemented on a 450-meter-wide and 27-m-long line, the walkway, which was closed to vehicle traffic, was also covered with begonite stone, providing citizens with a modern transportation comfort.

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