The need for financing of SEEs, especially TCDD, is Growing

The need for financing of SEEs, especially TCDD, is Growing
The need for financing of SEEs, especially TCDD, is Growing

The financing need of state-owned enterprises (SEE) is increasing rapidly. The institution that most needs financing next year is the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD). In second place Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) is coming. In third place is Petrol Transportation Inc. (BOTAŞ) with pipelines.

According to the news of Mustafa Çakır from the RepublicThe President's Decision on Determining the General Investment and Financing Program for 2021 of SEEs and their Affiliates was published. With the decision, the financial targets of public enterprises for 2021 have also been determined. Accordingly, most of the undertakings will need financing next year. Compared to this year, there are increases in financing needs.

TCDD's financing need is 16.7 billion TL
TCDD is the institution with the highest financial needs with 16.7 billion TL.

The institution is planned to invest 12.6 billion TL next year. The financial need of the institution this year was 12.4 billion TL. The financing need of TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ increased from 2.1 billion TL to 2.7 billion TL compared to this year.

TPAO's financing need is 6.8 billion TL
TPAO ranks second among the SEEs in need of financing with 6.8 billion TL. TPAO, which is expected to invest 13.4 billion TL next year, did not need financing this year. It is seen that the financing needs of the institution, which has accelerated its natural gas exploration, especially in the Black Sea, has increased.

BOTAŞ's financing need is 5.2 billion TL
BOTAŞ ranks 3rd among institutions in need of financing. The financing need of BOTAŞ, for which an investment of 6.1 billion TL is envisaged next year, is 5.2 billion TL. Again, compared to this year, it is seen that the financing needs of BOTAŞ increased from 4.1 billion TL to 5.2 billion TL.

The situation is similar in other SEEs
ÇAYKUR will invest 10.1 million TL next year. Financing requirement is 1 billion 35 million TL. Turkey Sugar Factories A.Ş.'s investments amounted to £ 128.7 million, £ 1.1 billion financing if needed.

Another remarkable increase Institution in Turkey Coal Enterprises (TKI) took place. The institution, which needs 465.5 million TL of financing this year, will need 1.1 billion TL next year. The institution will invest TL 72.9 million next year. Turkey Hard Coal Authority (TCC) financing needs of the 1.2 billion TL, will rise to 1.4 billion tly.



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