Taxi Drivers Participating in Filection in Ankara Received Their First Payments

Taxi Drivers Participating in Filection in Ankara Received Their First Payments
Taxi Drivers Participating in Filection in Ankara Received Their First Payments

The Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Governorship of Ankara, meets the daily expenses of 300 taxi drivers in the radiation team so that the health teams can quickly respond to the citizens quarantined due to the pandemic. In the application implemented by President Yavaş, the first payments were made.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work prioritizing public health during the pandemic process, added a new one to its aid and support activities.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the Governorship of Ankara, the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new application so that the radiation teams can reach the quarantined citizens faster and make medical interventions.

With the example of solidarity implemented by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the daily wages of 300 taxi drivers who work voluntarily in the filming team have started to be paid in order for the health teams to quickly intervene in the citizens under quarantine.


After Mayor Yavaş announced that the daily expenses (daily wages and fuel) of 300 taxi drivers working in the filing works carried out by the Provincial Health Directorate will be covered by the Metropolitan Municipality, the first support payment was made to the taxi drivers.

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality aims to both facilitate the work of the filming team, which is busy working during the pandemic process, and to support the taxi driver tradesmen economically, Health Affairs Department Head Seyfettin Aslan said, “In order to intervene faster and prevent delays in our quarantined citizens. and we cooperated with our Governorship. "We started to cover the expenses of our 300 taxi drivers who took part in the film."

Aslan stated that the taxi drivers in the filming team are given a daily wage of 150 TL and 50 TL fuel support, and the payments will be made every week on Friday.


While paying the taxi drivers who brought the radiation teams to their destination quickly in front of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Public Relations Building, the taxi driver tradesmen thanked Mayor Yavaş for their support, saying that their business is stagnant:

  • Ayhan Demirbas: "Many thanks to our Mansur President who supported us."
  • Atakan Cetinkaya: “Thank you very much for being able to get the radiation team to the patients quickly with our vehicles and the municipality for providing this service to us. Both the needs of the patients and our needs are met. By helping our patients, we ensure communication at an excellent speed. "
  • Yakup Ozdemir: “First of all, we would like to thank our Mansur President. In the struggle for Covid-19, he was very supportive in these times when we were in a difficult situation. I know my business is down by 3 out of 2. It showed that it is with us both by supporting this struggle and by providing our sustenance. "
  • Illuminated Light: “I am carrying the fillation team. We help the teams with the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Together with the healthcare professionals, we are also fighting at the front. We bring them, we bring them. We are working for patients to go as soon as possible. "
  • Murat Kara: “Thank you to our Chairman Mansur. We both take the filming team to their addresses quickly and we get positive reactions from the citizens as we speed up the process. "
  • Mehmet Demir: “We saw the environment and the difficulties in which the radiation teams work. We support both the filming teams and our citizens. "
  • Ercan à – zdemir: “We are going through a really difficult process. We, as taxi driver tradesmen, make constant home visits with doctors. People are happy with that too. We have also become part of the ring. "


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