Ankara YH Accident Case Will Continue on February 18, 2021

Ankara YH Accident Case to Continue on February 18, 2021
Ankara YH Accident Case to Continue on February 18, 2021

The trial of 13 defendants in the high-speed train (YHT) accident in Ankara, in which 2018 people, 3 of which were engineers, died and 9 people were injured on 107 December 10, continued.

The defendants and their lawyers attended the hearing at the Ankara 30th High Criminal Court, as well as the defendants and some victims.

In accordance with the previous interim decision of the President of the Court, the documents in the case file were read, and then the statements of the complainants and victims were taken.

The plaintiff, Ahmet Can Yılmaz, stated that he traveled in the second wagon of the high-speed train where the accident took place on the date of the incident, he had no information about how the accident happened and that he did not complain about the incident.

Habibe Koca Yerli also stated that while traveling in the third wagon, she was injured by the effect of the accident, her ribs were broken and her lung was ruptured. Yerli said he complained about the defendants.

Victim Tayfun Ünal also said that he traveled on the fifth wagon of the high-speed train where the accident happened. Stating that he complained about the institution and the directors of the institution due to the incident, Ünal said, “I was injured on the right side of my face, my left shoulder and my knee. I carried the body of one of the mechanics who died in the accident. I don't think the machinist is at fault. " said.

Bahadır Leventoğlu, who was heard as a witness at the hearing, said that he was working as an electrical and electronics engineer of TCDD on the date of the incident and that he went to the scene of the accident when he was called by phone while he was at his home.

Stating that he helped the teams while removing the wreck, Leventoğlu said:

“I showed the teams the location of the hard disks with the legal recording unit, black box and camera recordings. I helped with the seizures. At the time of the accident, I was preparing the working plans of the mechanics working. According to the program I prepared, the drivers were learning at what time of the speed train they would make the voyage. Accordingly, they were using the fast train. However, I was not organizing the guide trains. Someone else was holding it. ”

After receiving the statements of other witnesses and complainants, the public prosecutor requested that the remaining complainants and witnesses be heard in the next hearing.

Announcing the interim decisions, the court board decided that some witnesses who did not attend this session would be heard in the other.

The trial will continue on February 18, 2021.

Source: Real Agenda

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